Dec 26, 2009

"I'm on the good list"-- Cade

Cade had a great Christmas.....once he had his juice cup and actually came to see what Santa had left. He eventually did wonder over to our front room and see that there were indeed toys left but it wasn't until he put his cup down that he actually saw what was there..... silly little boy!

He ended up getting quite a few things- a home depot work bench, a farm animal set, new wooden blocks, and a new bike. The Grandparents and the rest of the family did their part in spoiling him too... lots of clothes, books, a tricycle and hot wheels....even a remote control car that is supposedly safe (for the house). haha.

Dec 22, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Cade seriously needs a haircut!

2. We had a mini Christmas party at our house this morning. We baked and decorated sugar cookies and them we even constructed a gingerbread house!

3. My dad is doing well after his heart procedure this morning. His heart fell out of rhythm a few weeks ago. The doctors were able to shock back into rhythm with electrical pads... one shock did the trick. Thank the Lord.

4. I've almost got everything wrapped for Christmas. I need to still get stocking stuffers for Travis and one more little thing for Cade and then I'm done.

5. I love Christmas. I love the lights. I love the music-with exception to a few songs/performers. I love being with my family and I love, LOVE, Love my tree.

6. Travis and I are having a date night tonight. We're going all out..... beer and tunes after Cade goes down. Might be fun... and like old times.

7. This past weekend Cade and I went to Fredericksburg to see Gigi! We had fun looking at her tree, opening presents and touring downtown at night. The lights are so pretty on Main Street. I love the old town feel of Fredericksburg-- it feels like home to me!

8. I had dinner with my good friends Paul and Stuart while I was in Austin. We had some good laughs at the table- especially about "as seen on tv gifts". All I know is that I LOVE my Snuggie.

9. I'm going to be sad in 3 days when Christmas is over and my decorations will come down soon after.... boo.

10. Merry Christmas to my dear friends and family.

Dec 12, 2009

TOS ten on saturday

Ten On Saturday.

Well for start I actually captured Cade smiling in a picture and his face isn't squished together. So this one is going in our Christmas cards.
2. I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Monday. A whole 32 years.... geesh where is the time going. My family watched Cade so Travis and I could celebrate with Becky and Andrew at Cyclone Anayas.... Poinsetta Margaritas are so yummy!

3. Since turning 32 (yes, just in the last week) my eyesight has gone from 20/20 to 20/15. I went in for an exam on Thursday and had to get eye glasses for driving. I don't mind wearing them....but I'm not happy with the frames I picked out. I liked them in the store but now I just feel like I should be living in the 50s or have a bee hive. So I'm hoping in the next few months I'll either A) win the lottery and buy a pair of Kate Spade designer frames B) find a coupon for some cute-r frames that won't cost a fortune C) lose my glasses or that they happen to be destroyed by the 2 year monster living in my house or D) my eyes will self correct and I will no longer need eye ware.

4. I am spoiled. I have 2 snuggies and YES I'm wearing one now. My hands and arms are perfectly warm as I type away on my laptop.

5. Christmas is 13 days away. I still have so much to buy but I'm kind of in that place where I just want to say enough is enough.

6.Today I volunteered with our Church to deliver Angel Tree gifts. Wow, that was eye opening. It's so easy to take what you have for granted until you see how others are living. So glad I went.

7. Two weeks ago it snowed! Cade loved it! He ran inside and said MY HANDS ARE FREEZING. It was so cute!

8. I'm wanting the new Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas. I love cookbooks and actually use them.

9. I'm planning on going to Austin on Saturday- Monday. Hopefully I can run out to Fredericksburg to see Grandma before heading home. I miss her!

10. Time for bed.... I was up before the sun today and I'm sure tomorrow is going to be an early one again....

Nov 25, 2009

Thankful for....

wanted to take the time to list a few things that I thankful for....

hugs - the kind that sneak up on you
friends- the ones you talk to daily or every once in awhile but it seems like it was just yesterday that you spoke
babies- Cade is such an amazing little boy. love him!
kisses- butterfly ones, eskimo ones- pecks- any and all
sunny days
chilly nights
putting up the Christmas tree even if it's November
comfy shoes
My Sister and her family
Travis-- love him and he loves me even when i'm in a mood
red birds
parents that have dinner at your place
new friends, old friends, computer friends, face to face friends, phone friends, once a week friends, daily friends, facebook friends and..... YOU.

Oct 28, 2009

what a girl wants

1. a brownie pan
I've always loved slicing into the pan and taking out the middle piece.
I don't really care for the crispy edges or rounded corners. I like the ewey gooey middle.

2. anything cupcake
especially cupcake liners.
not your plain grocery store kind.
but something extraordinary like the ones found at
3. the snuggie
i can't tell you how many times I've wished that my comforter, blanket or throw would cover me up and keep the tops of my arms warm as I typed on my computer. And with all of the designer prints available, I'm sure there is one to suit everyone....well everyone with cold arms.
4. the roomba 560
if you have wood, tile or concrete floors this has to be the miracle device that could save your relationship with your significant other. I'm mean who wouldn't want to program a little iRobot to sweep your floors daily and want nothing in return. not even an "i noticed you swept, thanks."
sounds like a sweet deal to me.
5. a 12" skillet
a chef's must have.
....we have one pair of mits....
that's not really getting the job done... I want to be able to open one of the two drawers where one might find an oven mit and actually find one....or many for that matter.
Because you never know when you might need it.
As an added bonus it has a built in knife that can cut through the strap of a seatbelt.
pretty handy if you ask me.
8. Jelly Roll
super cute and trendy fabric.
9. A punch bowl
new or old works for me.
a ladle to match would be nice too.
10. A fun new OPI nail polish

Oct 27, 2009


1. Cade's imagination is really in bloom. For example, he pretends to hand you a coffee, let you take a sip and then puts the coffee down on the table for you.

2. Travis and I are going on a date on Sunday. Finally.

3. Cade is dressing up as the mail man this year. This was the only costume that wasn't too costume-y. He seems to not like anything different that the norm. So a blue shirt with a patch on it that says, US Postal and blue pants make it seem like an everyday outfit, instead of something special.

4. I learned to never put a whole chicken in the crock pot with a cup of liquid. The whole chicken fell apart and there were bones everywhere.... ick. So I tossed it. Next time I'll try adding just a bit of liquid and see where that leads me.

5. Last Saturday Cade and I went to the Ballunar Festival. It was great weather and a lot of fun. Thanks Becky for letting us tag along.

6. I love how Cade loves to listen to Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood on the iPod....and how he always wants me to sing with them....... so cute! Then of course there is Islands in the stream by Dolly Parton that he somehow knows the intro to.

7. I love the show Glee.

8. is awesome!

9. I'm going to be making homemade brownies this weekend.... The recipe is from a local bakery out in Montgomery....they are famous for their pies but brownies top their list too.

10. I'm ready for my girls day out next Friday.

Oct 22, 2009

road trip

This past weekend- Cade and I loaded up and headed west to Fredericksburg. We had been planning this trip for's become a tradition to head to Wildseed Farm this time of year. The pumpkins are gorgeous and the weather is always fantastic! Wildseed hosts a Monarch butterfly tag & release ceremony each October which draws in a huge crowd of people.

Here are few things I learned about Monarchs.
  • a male monarch has two spots on the lower part of the wings, the female does not.
  • a monarch butterfly travels thousands of miles south to Mexico when temperatures drop in the Northern US
  • monarchs travel 25-30 miles a day.

Here are few pictures from our day at the Farm.

gigi & maxie

maxie, age 8

Cade sitting on a pumpkin. He loved talking on the "phone" or what is also know as a gourd.

Fun times at gigi's house.

My second cousin Erica and her little girl Blair, and her Mom Helen met us at Wildseed Farms. Helen lives in town and Erica leaves in Fulsner, TX (near Katy). I had told Erica about the butterfly exhibit several weeks ago and am so glad things worked out to where she could meet us out there. Once we connected we walked around and enjoyed the fresh air and the surroundings. We enjoyed lunch at the farm and then we headed back into to town to put the kids down for a nap.

While Cade napped and Maxie made cookies with Gigi, I headed downtown for some good old fashion fun-- shopping. Then I met Erica and Helen at Rather Sweet for a coffee and dessert-shortly after it was back to reality.... nap time is over way to quick these days!

When I made it back to Gigi's we loaded up and headed home to Buda. Somehow we got lucky and Travis #1 took over watching the kids and Stephanie and I went out on the town.... Buda's very own Italian Restaurant. It was pretty authentic and just what I needed after a long day in the sun!

This weekend the crew is heading down here for Travis' grandma's birthday. Hopefully I can sneak Maxie away for a little fall festival fun!

Oct 13, 2009

Happy Cupcake Day to you

Today was one of those days where nap time wasn't going to happen, which is fine and I almost prefer it that way...although I do like that extra "me" time when Cade does decide to nap. BUT like I said, today wasn't a nap time kind of day. So I got to thinking what would be fun for Cade and I on this no nap time kind of day. ...hmmm. Only one thing popped into my head....CUPCAKES.

I got online and did a search for cupcakes. Of course, Martha Stewart's site pops up. I narrowed down the search and found "the one"--Billy's Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes. I checked the ingredients, made a list of what we needed and we were off to get the goods.

When we got home I measured everything out so that when my little helper came around he would be able to pour and stir with ease. Since this was going to be a semi-messy job an apron was going to be an necessity....besides I was wearing a black shirt and we all know how flour and black shirts don't mix. Here is a picture of my cutie in an apron! (Note to self- by Cade a boy-ish apron for Christmas).
Cade loves helping in the kitchen. Reminds me of when I would "help" my Dad on Sunday mornings with pancakes or biscuits....he would always wear a towel over his shoulder when he was in the kitchen..I always thought that was pretty handy. I also remember helping my Grandma make chocolate chip cookies. She had this really colorful mixing bowl that she would use every time........ hopefully Cade will one day remember the times he helped me or Travis in the kitchen....

Here's my little helper. He lines with precision.

The cupcakes turned out light and moist. The homemade frosting was so easy and so delicious. These cupcakes are a must have for fall!

And since you homemade cupcakes aren't an everyday thing in the house....we put a candle on it and made up some silly was a hit with Cade.

Sep 25, 2009

Dear Husband,

In case you missed my FB post. I decided to leave you post here.

This link will lead you to what I think could quite possibly be perfection....actually six of those links would be absolute perfection....especially on a night like tonight...but since C&B is way far, far, far away we're having soup in our boring soup bowls....without the fun miniture handles.


P.S. Our oven needs one of these...

Sep 24, 2009

a few of my favorite things

1. I found this really cool freezer gadget online- freezcube. It tells you when your frozen food is expired. \ I'm always in question when it comes to how long something has been in the freezer. Sometimes I can't even remember buying some of the things in there. I usually just take a peek for an expiration date or just toss it all and restock.

2. I just love all of the fall flats that are out this season. I usually get two basic colors, red and black... right now DSW has all of their flats on SALE.

3. My favorite songs: Matthew West- going through the motions, Matt Kearney- closer to love- Jeremy Riddle - sweetly broken, Lady Antebellum- need you now and Carrie Underwood- cowboy cassanova.

4. Hmmm... I guess I'll put Travis down for number 4. Even though there really isn't any order to this list.... So, yeah. Travis you're one of my favorite things. Cade too. =)

5. Definitely loving the change in weather. Not loving my chapped lips.

6. I love my new chicken tortilla soup recipe. We are turning on the crock pot tomorrow and having date night at home with ritas and all.

7. We had free chic-fil-a sandwiches tonight for dinner. You just can't beat free!

8. I love the new season of fall shows! Finally something to watch!

9. I love that holiday market is only 41 days away!! Which also means my girls day out is 41 days away.

10. Loves that Cade loves shirley timple even if i don't. There is something about little girls singing that he just loves! Animal crackers in my soup is his favorite youtube video right now... so long cuppycake girl.

and there you have it.... a list of random stuff.

Sep 22, 2009

This and That

Tonight I finished sewing Cade's napmat. For a first attempt and having not used a pattern....I'm pretty please with it. Of course even after lesson I can't sew a straight line, but I'm thinking Cade really isn't going to notice that.

To make one for your little one you'll need: 2 1/2 yards of fabric, thread, a Kindermat and fusible velcro. I simply opened my fabric (I used a flannel) and folded it over the mat. Cut up one side of it and then removed the excess material. Then I sewed up both long sides. I then made a 1" hem on the ends. I placed my Velco within the the 1" hem and fused it to the material using my iron.

Simple and easy AND washable!

Next time I'm going to try to add an additional blanket cover and then maybe a pillow and a handle/strap. BUT for now this one will have to work.

I had Cade try it out this evening. I told him this is your nap mat, lay on it, and go to sleep. So he laid down, closed his eyes and started to snore...... so cute!

Such a fun age!

I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm hitting the sack early tonight.

Oh and my dad is doing better. He says his pain is better and the numbness is going away. So hopefully the injection will take full effect by morning.

Sep 21, 2009


So I'm a little behind on all of the happenings going on with our lives.

Travis and I joined a new church this past weekend- Northside Christian Church. It's the perfect fit for both of us. Cade loves it and we've already met some wonderful friends.

Cade is on his way to being fully potty trained. He hasn't started being verbal about telling us he needs to go but he will usually go when I ask him to. We're still wet when we wake up but we're not as wet as we used to be.

I'm super excited that all of the fall shows are starting. Looking forward to GREY'S, Desperate Housewives, and DWTS. Those are must sees every week.

School is going great. I love, LOVE, love the kids. It's going to be a great year with this bunch.

Wednesday is the big day for my friend Susan- she's delivering her twins! Hudson and Luke will arrive around noon! We're praying for Susan and Brandon as they enter a new chapter in their lives together.

I finally bought some new curtains for the living room. I went with a soft green-- on the lime side. I am a "red" accent kind of person but have just got burnt out on it...I came across some awesome accessories at Z Gallery in a fabulous green color and decided that this was the change I was needing to make- so I bought a few things- candle holders, napkin rings, and potpourri mix all in this vibrant green color. I love it!

Next Monday is my Grandma's birthday. I'm thinking about when I'm going to go up to see her.... I know we're making a trip mid October but I really want to get out there to see her now. I miss her!

Tomorrow my dad goes in for a steroid shot in his back- OUCH. The drs are hoping this will give him some much needed relief in his right leg (it's numb knee down- and now swelling is occuring in the ankle). I'm hoping it's a simple procedure and that he will be home by noon. They had an MRI sort of scan done last week and determined that his disk is degenerating and the nerve is pinched between the disks. Poor guy! He does seem to be doing better and the therapy is helping... but there is just no feeling in his leg. I had that happen when my foot falls I can only imagine what he's been going through the past month. I just want him back to normal.

Cade has started praying at night- He/We used to do it all the time and then he wouldn't say them. So I slowly getting back into the habit of saying a goodnight prayer. We pray for our family and friends/his friends and such.... the other night he said "dear God, help Grandad feel better..." It of course was said in a two-year-old voice- which is just about the sweetest thing to listen to. Hopefully our prayers will be answered.

that's all for now.... it seems like I haven't had a full night of sleep in forever... so I'm calling it a night.


Aug 28, 2009


I have been meaning to update this for awhile but never had a quiet moment but today is different- my mom has Cade and my husband is asleep. So just a quick update before I have to be Mama or Wifey again.

Travis and I have BIG news........ we saved $200 by switching electric providers. Reliant was killing our budget the past few months so we made the decision to drop them and go with a company that would cut our bill nearly in half. And it did. Our nearly $400 bill went down to $190 for the months of JULY and AUGUST. I can't wait to see what next month will be..... (well. I take that back. I really can wait).

Julie called today and announced that she just had her 4th little boy- Nathan Thomas (although she hasn't decided for sure on the name). He was 7.7lbs with red hair. I don't know how she does it with 4 boys! She's amazing!

Today would have been my Papa's 88th birthday. He was an amazing man. I'll never forget they way he smiled, or the way he talked. The way he would laugh at Grumpy Old Men or how he would say, "Sure is Good." From when I was just a little girl to when I was an adult he would always beat me in the first hand of dominoes only to let me somehow win the next time.....and he always knew which dominoes you had in your hand...he loved that game. Thanks to him I have happily beat Travis several times! Thank you for the memories Papa. I love you and miss you.

Cade is doing great. I think he has hit a growth spurt over the last few weeks- his appetite is growing he can't seem to get enough to eat! His vocabulary is huge as is his imagination these days. He is really into puzzles, books and blocks. He loves saying "S-T-O-P, STOP" at every stop sign he sees. He knows all of his uppercase letters and can count to 13- and then jumbles up the rest of the numbers to 20. He is constantly saying or doing something that takes you by surprise. He is absolutely growing up WAY too fast. This past week we met Cade's teachers. He loves them already. He keeps telling me that miss G and miss J have ears and hair.... I think he's going to have another wonderful year at ELP.

Tomorrow is mama day- well for a short 2 hours so I can get my haircut and run a few errands. So thankful that Travis can watch Cade so I can get my hair done. Sunday is church at Northside Christian Church. This will be our second time there. Last week we enjoy the service- similar to Fellowship but much, much, much smaller. It's we shall see if it's a fit!

Travis recently got his HAM radio license. He has been fooling around with it for a month or so. My dad is also an operator- builds his own equipment and talks to people from all over. Pretty neat hobby for both.

That's all for now......

Aug 1, 2009

row, row, row your boat

Travis' friend Pete came down from Alaska and stayed with us last night. He is actually on a month long road trip- traveling all over the Western states in his jeep. We decided to dine in and have chicken enchiladas with a frozen margaritas- he claims he has never had one of those. But he also claimed he stopped drinking...... 45 minutes ago. For dessert we served good ol' BlueBell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and cherry cobbler. He pretty much loved it.

Afterwards we were sitting around visiting and I got this GREAT idea to go up to The Woodlands and take the water taxi around Lake Woodlands (I'm guessing that's the name of the body of water around the mall). We loaded up and made our way down to the water. We boarded the boat and took off.... at a snails pace.

While on the "tour" I learned that deepest part of the lake is between 4-5 feet. Which is great information to know in case the boat should ever sink while on it....which I guess would never happen because I'm pretty sure the boat is taller than 5ft. Hmmm. So remember if it tips or sinks just get out of the boat, try not to panic, and simiply stand up.

The tour takes between 35-45 minutes. However, you are able to board on and off at certain points of the tour. We stayed put but next time I want to kill some time I might jump off at one of the many restaurants that over look the waterway. There is also this awesome water/splash pad for the kids just behind the new wine bar Crush. It also has a fountain similar to the one at Bellagio in Vegas where the water dances to music. I think there is a water show every 10 minutes.

Another bit of info the Capitan mentioned to the passengers was that the Anadarko building is the tallest structure between here and Dallas.....uhhh, isn't that pretty much obvious since there aren't any other major cities between here and there... it had a huge WOW factor on the boat.

After our tour we strolled around the waterway and found the water park and let Cade play for a bit. He loved that water jumped from place to place and that it changed colors. He was squealing with excitment!

After that water park we headed home and had our nightly run in with bedtime and then were up bright and early. Pete head out mid morning to Austin. He is supposed to visit the UT tower, the Capitol, Salt Lick, Hey! Cupcake, and Cabella's before heading to his next destination. He should have a great time seeing those sites.... after all it is Austin!

Anyway, it was a fun night. I'm glad we did something we normally wouldn't have done...and look at all of that useful knowledge we learned just by going down the stream.

Jul 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I love the song Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean. It reminds me of the days when Travis and I were dating and spending every other week up at the farm. Now those days are limited to every few months but it nice to remember the days when things were just the two of us.

2. Cade is cutting his two year old molars and giving us (mostly me) a hard time about it. I have the bite marks to prove it and a bruise on my nose from him throwing things. I hope these teeth come in quickly and my sweet boy returns.

3. My neighbor is teaching me how to sew some really cute toddler dresses. She's planning on showing her collection at a craft show in September. She wants me to put my frames in.... hmmm that's a lot of painting but I think I'm going to do

4. Naptime was over way to fast today.

5. My back is doing better. My nerves are better. I still feel a little twinge every now and then but I'm doing much better than I was a week ago. We shall see what the dr says next week. I go for my yearly check up this week and I'm hoping for a good check up there as well.

6. Travis built us a pergola. It looks great and the best part about is that we now have shade on the back porch.

7. 5-8 weeks before the baby boom hits Spring!

8. Cade is living in his VBS shirt. I wash it everyday. He wants to eat. sleep. play in it...everyday. The only thrill he gets from me washing it is throwing it in the washer... which he confuses with the dishwasher. hah.

9. My Grandma said the following while we were at her house last week- The cows coming home mean that it's going to rain..... not because they want food....

10. Is going to plan a night out on the town with my hubby- Perry's sounds good to me.

Jul 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday I had my follow-up with Dr. Yezak. My MRI on my spine came back normal. I'm on a two week observation to see if I need more testing. Not sure what is going on with my nerves but I am praying that I get better and that things will get back to good. Please pray with me.

2. Tomorrow Cade and I are going to ride up to Gigi's house with my parents. I hope it doesn't take forever to get to Fredericksburg. I think it'll be good to get out of Spring and spend some time with family and of course on Main Street. :0)

3. I am slacking off on my sewing projects. I really want to finish my pillow cases for our chair in our front room... and then I want to make a pillowcase dress for my niece Payton and a hooter hider for a friend's shower in two weeks.

4. Travis and I went up to the farm this weekend. It was a lot fun. The cousins got a chance to play and feed the cows by hand.... eeeww. I guess I can't really say it's gross since I used to do that as a kid....I just don't remember them smelling as bad.

5. I missed out on the Starbucks pastry give away. I LOVE, loVE, LovE their scones. Oh well. I didn't need the extra calories anyway.

6. Kristyn has me wanting to go pick berries at our local farmers market and bake something delicious. Muffins are my fav!

7. August is going to be here in no time- which means school is starting again. Can't wait to see the green again.

8. We started landscaping our front yard. Travis and his dad dug up small, medium and HUGE boulders for our front bed. Now we need to take out the boxwoods and plant two cypress trees to frame our front window and then fill in the rest with native Texas plants. I can't wait to see the finished product.

9. Travis is also going to build us a pergola for our back porch. We have NO shade at all during the day until about 6 o'clock. So this will definitely provide some sort of cover for us. I think we're also going to add some boulders out there and then some more climbing flowers.

10. Don't forget to pray!

Jul 15, 2009


So for the past few months I haven't had any interest in couponing.... I was doing really well last year but just got burned out from the cutting, the searching, and calculating's pretty time consuming if you're really out to get a good deal. Well, I'm not sure what has motivated me to start up again....maybe it was my husband saying you'd better start cutting out coupons again after I came home with a $100+ grocery bill... or maybe it was Julie who called me a few weeks ago to tell me she got a bunch of things from CVS for FREE.... and you have to love FREE stuff.

So here I am with the Kroger ad, scissors, and scratch paper. I have my ten items (mega items buy 10 participating "mega items" and get $5 off instantly) and coupons to match. Should be able to get the following for about $7.

1 JIF 1.49
2 Dora Yogurt 1.99 ( 2, $1 off coupons)
2 pkgs cheese (block kind cheaper, fresher and I can freeze it) 1.49
1 cologate 1.99 (minus $1 off coupon)
2 Kraft dressing 1.19
2 cream cheese .99

$14.80 total - $5= $9.80 - $3 coupons=$6.80

So if that's not inspiring I don't know what is... ;)

With it being hurricane season it's never to early to start stock piling on things like peanut butter, soups, waters.... BTW Kroger has a great deal on water too.... I might calculate another deal including that.

If you need more inspiration go to the people on that site are out for the best deal everywhere (Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS....and so on)

In other money saving news- Travis and I lucked out this past weekend. His buddy Walter called and said that his dad's restaurant business went under and that he had a bunch a meat that he needed to find a home for. Travis drove over with his cooler...and let's just say we won't be buying beef or pork for the next several months!

The meat was given to us whole so we had to take it to a local butcher to have cut and packaged for storing purposes. The butcher was telling Travis that certain pieces of meat we had brought in sold for $10 -$22/lb. Both our jaws dropped when we heard that!

So I guess if you are in need of nice hearty dinner, come on over...just bring a side or two!

Jul 14, 2009

In a nutshell

Last week the whole family went down to Port Aransas to get a taste of the sweet life. We drove in Tuesday and met up with my parents. We unloaded and headed to the beach. Cade took to it pretty quick. I was a tad bit worried that he wouldn't like it because he doesn't really like large bodies of water (for instance the baby pool...or at least the one at Amanda's house. It took forever for him to warm up to it) and then there is the whole water in the eyes and needing a towel for any droplet that comes close to coming in contact with his face.... But we had no issues with salt water...He wanted to go in and stay in the water! Stephanie and her family joined us late Wednesday night. Maxie and Cade were pretty much joined at the hip! He LOVES his Nini and Noni!

While we were visiting we drove out and toured the Southern Living Idea house, which will be featured in the August edition of Southern Living Magazine. (yay, I'm a subscriber). This house was can sleep 15, has 2 master suites (I'll take the one on the second floor) and a connecting guest house. I think it sold for 1.8 million....and we're moving there tomorrow! Here is link with multiple videos so you can see it for yourself. Check out the kitchen and the sliding yellow barn door in the upper master suite..... niiiiiiice.

On Thursday night we were finally able to catch some wind and fly our kites Grandad bought for us kids..... Travis dug a fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and made smores....soooo gooey and good! Definitely something i'll remember when I'm 80. We never did things like that when I was a kid.... so fun! Definitely want to do things like that with Cade!

We headed home on Friday morning and made a stop at Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse.... great chopped beef sandwiches, dried jerky and homemade sweets!

Saturday we met up with Travis' brother and his family to celebrate Payton's 1st birthday. I hope to have a few pictures to post of the 3 cousins. Preston is now 4 and is full of energy and really cute-- and I'm pretty sure he LOVES his little sister.

Saturday was also Susan's baby shower! She's due in just a few weeks with twin boys! We are so happy for her and her husband. They are on their way to having everything ready to go!

In other news- Cade is really talking up a storm! He is so animated and expressive. He lights up when he has someones full attention. Everything is a "big, bad something another." He loves "grapes and ketchup" or at least saying that he does.... and he loves watching the first 5 minutes of Monsters INC over and over again. His 2nd year molars are coming in... which probably explains the temper tantrums and biting down on anything with a cushion. He is doing pretty well with his big boy bed. We're still running back and forth a few times before he settles in for the night but other than that- he sleeps through most nights and wakes up around 7 each day....sometimes we are lucky and he'll sleep a litte longer in our room.... but not always.

Well that's all for now...time to write in my "real" journal..... nighty night!

Jun 25, 2009

pictures from JUNE

This summer I decided to take a sewing class- here are few of my projects I've completed.
my red pillow- clearance fabric- designer look.
Cade's room is being transformed into a COWBOY room

two of three totes I've made

Earlier this month we went to Austin/SA for some fun. We went to the SA Zoo with Maxie.

Maxie and Cade crossing creek

Maxie and a hairy thing

Travis and Cade looking at ??

Auntie Tara and Maxie after the train ride around the very exciting SA park....(BORING)

Jun 9, 2009


1. Sewing is going great. I've sewed two pillow cases- one in a vintage cowboy print for Cade's room and one in a raw silk..... I'm really proud of how they both turned out. Tomorrow I'm going to my second lesson and starting my tote bag project.

2. Thinking about going back to will most likely happen next year but I'm ready to get back into teaching and putting more green in the bank. A friend from JL has a job share position- where she works 3 days on week and 2 the next. It seems like the perfect fit for me. Travis could watch Cade Monday and Tuesday and my parents could maybe watch him one day....and then I would be home the rest of the week...... very ideal and it would be 3x more than I make now.... so I'm thinking about it.

3. I got my haircut above my shoulders. It's super cute and easy to style. I would post pictures but I can't find my camera charger.

4. Wishes the Bachelorette would be on everyday not just once a week..... I want to know who Gillian picks. I'd pick Jake or Kipton....and there is one other one I like.....can't remember his name.

5. Going to start taking Cade to the gym with me. I think it'll be good for both of us. He'll get to play with other kids and I'll be able to work out. Travis is trying to get in touch with a trainer in Conroe....but so far we haven't been able to reach her. His mom is using her and seems to like the program. If I don't get a trainer I'm going to look into getting a workout buddy....I asked a few friends but they aren't sure they are ready to commit.....I know I'm ready- I just need to be pushed out the door.

6. The past two nights Cade has crawled in bed with us....tonight if it happens again I'm going to put him back in his bed. There just isn't enough room for the 4 of us (lucy is a tosser as is Cade).
I'm not sure why he's waking up.... he had been doing so great in his bed since we converted it over!

7. I'm wishing we could afford landscaping. Our house would really benefit from some kind of barrier around the bushes out front. I have so many ideas for it but there just isn't any money for that sort of thing right now. I also want a covered patio and some kind of playground equipment in the backyard. Sam and Charlie have a homemade one with ramp, slide and sandbox.... Travis is supposed to get Charlie to give him and estimate on materials and then we can come up with a design. Cade would love to have one and so would I.... The porch would definitely be an up sale whenever we decide to move.

8. Is wondering when my Junior League assignment is going to start. I'm ready to get back into it. I miss it!

9. A clean house feels good.

10. Thinking about making a trip out to Hobby Lobby to get some more fabric. Maybe I'll stop by Krissy's and check in on her.

Jun 4, 2009

So Sew

SEW-I signed up and completed my first sewing lesson. I've had my machine for several years and I just never got the hang of it and I basically packed it away... occasionally I watched Travis pull it down from the top shelf and sew a patch or an extra strap on his duty clothes but other than that it just sat there on the shelf covered up and forgotten.

Well that all changed when I visited Sam's house the other day. She excitedly pulls me into her nursery and shows me her latest project-- her handmade diaper bag and diaper holder. I knew she could sew but these were the cutest things I've seen her make! Then she walks me over to the office where she pulls open a drawer full of fabric and shows me what else she's been working on..... I was so inspired by her that I googled a teacher that night and signed up for lessons.

My first lesson was this past Wednesday. We went over all of the parts of the sewing machine, practiced a few different stitches first on paper then on fabric and then I was quizzed over everything I had learned. I am supposed to be making a tote bag at my next class....hopefully I'm ready for that. Sounds pretty advanced but I'm excited because I get to go pick out fabric and I have something to look forward to each week during the month of June.

10 on Thursday

1. This past weekend we traveled to Austin to visit friends and family. On Saturday Donny and Taylor tied the knot in Lockhart. The wedding was sweet and simple- just what they wanted. After the wedding we met up at Baby A's for ritas and queso then headed to Magnolia grill for dinner. We met some great friends of Donny and Taylor... I hope we can all get together another time!

2. On Sunday we made a trip to the San Antonio zoo. I have mixed feelings about it. Yes it's a really nice zoo but it was hard to navigate through and there weren't any vendor stands selling drinks, the lion area was STINKY- and it's not stroller/wheelchair friendly. I think Cade's favorite exhibit was the hippopotamus (when he says it, it's like the longest word ever.....hippomoctomus- or something like that)... Maxie seemed to have fun. She was most excited about getting an Icy.

3. Cade is identifying numbers 2 and 5.... I think the iPod touch has a lot to do with that skill. I downloaded a toddler game that goes over letters, shapes, and numbers.....when he turns it on a voice asks him to touch a number or a certain letter.... I can't believe how smart he is... he surprises us everyday.

4. The U on the laptop is now working and we are now able to take the laptop into multiple rooms without having to have it plugged in and charging. We shipped the laptop off last week to get repaired while it was still under a warranty and it arrived yesterday all shiny and new. I'm not kidding I thought we had a new one....the screen didn't have tiny finger prints everywhere and the keyboard was crumb free and all the letters were secure and in place.... now lets see how long it will stay like this.

5. Cade has been in his big boy bed for over a week. I'm wondering how long he'll fit in this size bed.... he's growing like weed!

6. While we were in Austin we went to eat at the Salt Lick. It's my new favorite hot spot in the Texas Hill Country. Travis and I both ordered the chopped beef sandwich...... we would have licked our plates if we weren't in public-- that's how good it was! When we were paying we added a bottle of sauce and dry rub...... tonight I made pork chops with the dry rub-- I have never had such tasty pork chops. I think we're going to purchase a gift set for Travis' brother and sister in law who live out of state.... they are missing the food over here I'm sure!

7. My parents and my sister and her family are going to be going to Port Aransas in July to stay a few days at a friend's beach house.... should be a fun trip!

8. Our friend's Sam and Charlie welcomed a new baby into their family of 3 on Tuesday- Brooke Nicole Webb. We went up and visited with them on Wednesday..... she is precious! So happy for them! Cade seemed a bit jealous when I was holding her....hopefully he'll get used to seeing that whenever we decide to have another....

9. Tomorrow I'm getting my haircut! I can't wait.... I love getting my haircut-- it always looks so soft and touchable....I'm trying to figure out why I can't get it to look like that everyday.

10. Travis and I are on a health kick. It's time to get back in shape and back on track.

May 19, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. The letter "u" is broken on my laptop. It only works if you press it towards the left with extreme pressure.

2. Today Travis put Cade in his crib only to learn that Cade can now climb out on his own. When I asked Cade what he did today he said, "mama no help. Cade fall."

3. We had our last Junior League Meeting/Dinner of the year. Our Provisional class has now graduated and we are now considered "actives." Yay!

4. My mom and I might be driving up to Austin Thursday- Sunday. My cousin Mark is back from Germany...he brought along a friend....I want to meet her and see him- so now is the time to do it before they head back to Germany on Sunday!

5. Did I mention how much I love the iPod touch....the apps are so addicting!

6. We assembled the worlds biggest Thomas the Train track in our guest room. It's remote controlled and everything. It's pretty sweet. Cade enjoys it until Thomas takes a corner a bit too fast and derails from the track....When this happens, Thomas is usually thrown across the room out of frustration.

7. I want to buy a tree for the backyard (so sad that our neighborhood didn't "come" with trees) I also want a brick mailbox with a flower box..... can you say weekend project Travis?!

8. This will be my 3rd 10 on Tuesday post.

9. I want to get back to the gym. Hopefully Travis and I can work it out with his schedule that I go when he is home so Cade doesn't have to go to the germ covered children's area.....but I might just have to break down and just GO. I need to- besides isn't that was sanitizer is for?

10. I love LOVE LoVE the weather we are having. It's gorgeous!

May 12, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Cade is really talking it up these days. He's putting together sentences with 3 and 4 words.
2. Tonight I "graduated" Junior League. So now I am awaiting my placement. Hopefully I'll get one of my TOP 5 picks.
3. Tomorrow is my last day at ELP. I will miss my 5 year olds a bunch.
4. Tomorrow I'm going to see America's Got Talent with my Mom. She's really excited she's already picked out the jewelry she is going to wear. =)
5. One thing my Grandma told me awhile back was that "you can't miss what you don't have" and I believe it.
6. Travis and I finally found a church that we BOTH enjoy and are really looking forward to joining this June.
7. I had a great mother's day! We went to Market Street and walked around and then to Berry Hill for some beer and 'ritas. We also had dinner with my parents. I especially love my gifts from Travis and Cade- a leather journal and an iTunes gift card....but i was somehow tricked into loading it on Travis' was it really mine to begin with?
8. The parent's at school all chipped in and got me a $50 gift card to Macys, $15 to Starbucks and $25 to Target. I aslo got this amazing car organizer from 3 other parents.....It came stocked with goodies for Cade too. I can't believe how generous the parents are!
9. I am trying to find something fun for Cade to do this summer. Something fun once a week for him and I to do. And then something once a week where he can do something on his own.
10. It's going to be a great summer!

May 8, 2009

MHR Fridays

MHR- My Husband Rocks

My husband rocks for the sacrifices he makes for our family. Lately Travis has picked up a bunch of overtime shifts in addition to his normal shift.... it'll pay off in the long run but I can tell that what he really wants is to be at home with Cade and I instead of catching up on sleep and then heading back to work. Poor guy! BUT we love you and appreciate what you are doing for us as a family! I promise Sunday will be family fun day!


In other news:

Travis celebrated his 32nd birthday. We had a bbq Sunday afternoon where all the guys and gals came over for dinner and cake. Travis had stuffed peppers and chicken going on the Old Smokey and I had BBQ chicken thighs in the oven. I will definitely be making/baking BBQ chicken again....yum!

Travis received an iPod Touch from his mom. I happen to LOVE it. I wish it was mine! haha. I did purchase a nice rubbery green sleeve for it- green b/c I like green. Travis is sharing it nicely...even Cade has an application on it just for him- it has letters, shapes, colors, all those fun pre-school games. He loves playing with it he even came into our room today and said, "iPod coming, iPod coming too." He wanted the iPod to come with us to the mall..... haha!

In addition to the green sleeve I also gave Travis a massage treatment. Nini from my chiropractor's office came to our house on Saturday and treated Travis to an hour long massage. Cade and I were conveniently out of the house while he was getting pampered! I also splurged on green tea shampoo and conditioner for him.... it's the little things that give the best thrills!

Then on Cinco de Mayo (his actual birthday) we went out to dinner with Amanda and Abbey. We met up at Rico's---for fajitas and ritas. Good times!

Only 7 more months until my birthday! argh. where does the time go?

Apr 30, 2009

Our Anniversary

On Wednesday, April 29 we celebrated 3 years of marriage.

We started the evening at CRU- a wine bar on Market Street. We each had a flight of wine and then headed over to Jasper's for dinner. Travis had steak with spinach and mushrooms- yum-o.
I opted for the Texas peach BBQ pork tenderloin with Bourbon corn.

After dinner we went to Truffles and picked out a few chocolates to share. Then headed home... We came home to a sleeping baby and a surprise chocolate cake baked by Julia. We shared a bite and then headed to bed!

This summer we will head up to Fredericksburg for our normal anniversary getaway- and then to Salado another weekend to do some antiquing and relaxing.

Just checked our wedding photos are still online.... I love looking at them! Go to weddings and then click the top image of a bride.... my photos will pop up! Wish I could have that day back....

Apr 20, 2009

Easter 'n stuff

my little bunny boy

bunny napkin fold

meee loove cookie monster

Paula Dean's cheesecake cupcakes- yum!
all hunted out.

So those were a few pictures from Easter.....we are way behind on posting on blogger.
And here is my top 10 for the week.
1. Travis and I bought a new bicycle with a seat & helmet for Cade. He loves it! We go twice a day.... the fresh air knocks him out!
2. Cade can officially hop/jump with both feet off the ground.
3. Cade can count to 20.....but he does say 17,18,17, 18, 19, 20.....but he eventually gets to 20.
4. On Wednesday, April 29, Travis and I will have been married for 3 years.
5. We just ordered our tickets to see America's Got Talent in Houston on May 13th- thanks for the tip Becky.
6. My thoughts are with my grandma at this time.... her house was flooded out by a pipe under her bathroom sink.
7. Cade had his first trip to the ER this week (bad fall at the mall playground- he is fine after a day of wearing a splint on his foot).
8. Only 3 weeks of school left. Or 9 teaching days.
9. I am really excited about Susan having twin boys!
10. Can't wait for Sunday brunch with good friends.

Apr 7, 2009

Here is Cade playing with his alphabet letters.

Apr 6, 2009

ten on tuesday

1. Travis is finally recognizable.... I had almost forgotten how cute he was with all that hair and a beard.

2. Cade had his 2 year check up today. The doctor was very impressed with his vocabulary and various other skills. He had to stand on the big boy scale today- which he wasn't too happy about....but who would blame him- nobody likes those things!

3. I got some new kicks- pink, white and gray ones.

4. My friend Julie is having ANOTHER boy! This makes 4 for her. My other friend Susan is having at least ONE boy....maybe two. AND my friend, Amber just had her 2nd baby boy yesterday!

5. I have a sleepy toddler that won't take a nap today.

6. I'm excited about the lemonade stand we set up at school. All proceeds go to Alex's Lemonade Stand foundation- cancer research for children.

7. I hope we have a great turn out on Easter for lunch. Cade has been practicing finding eggs....he's got that down.

8. Wishes that buttons on phones, tvs and radios weren't so fun to push...... I'm surprised Cade hasn't called China yet.

9. Is so happy that the maid is coming back tomorrow. Maybe they can find my bedroom carpet......... for some reason Travis loves his clothes in piles not on hangers.

10. Is playing the lotto.

Mar 31, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

A few of my friends have a Ten on Tuesday's mine.

1. I'm super excited that today is finally here! Keith Urban released his new album. I love LOVE LoVE it! I could listen to him all day. Here is a picture from earlier this month when we went to the rodeo to see him.

2. We have been in our house for two weeks now. We just need to finish a few things: touch up paint, trim around the fireplace, and install our new toilet paper holder! Once those things are taken care of we can conquer the garage and then call it done.

3. I am trying to cook new things for dinner instead of the same ol' same. Last night it was chicken tortilla soup and the night before a honey mustard chicken. I really want to take a cooking light class or buy a book that has recipes that don't require a bunch of speciality spices/ingredients but offers tasty recipes.

4. There are only 6 weeks of school left! I'm happy and sad at the same time. The school I work at is great! I love the staff, the parents and the kids. It's such a great environment.

5. Travis and I are talking babies. Maybe trying this summer. I'm tracking now.

6. We will be out of debt this month! Thank GOD.

7. I am planning something special for our 3rd anniversary. We usually go to Fredericksburg since that is where we were married. I love it there. It's your typical small town, with great shops, great food and lots of history. We are all about small town fun.

8. Cade is talking up a storm. He sings songs, can identify almost all of the letters of the alphabet (in no particular order) and has a severe peanut butter addiction.... the other day we were saying our goodnight prayers and he said, "God Bless, mama, daddy, Lucy, nini, noni, uncle Travis, peanut butter, nana, grandad, amen!

9. I'm the search of a new pair of running shoes- some pink and white ones. Nike's or puma's are my shoes of choice.

10. Here is my sweetie pie at his choo-choo party last weekend.

the hairy guy in the picture is my husband, Travis.

Mar 22, 2009

Cade's Party

We are finally back in our house. Everything but a few minor things need to be completed but we're just glad to be back in our own beds. One thing we did before we moved in was hire an awesome maid service to come out and clean the house. It almost sparkled when they left. I told Travis I'm going to have to figure out a way to have them come out at least once a's so worth it!

Since we knew we would be back in our house by March 21st we decided to celebrate Cade's 2nd birthday on that day. His actual birthday is Feb. 16 but since we had so much going on with the flooding incident we post poned it until we could be back in our house.

On his actual birthday we took him to get his 2nd year pictures and to eat chicken nuggets at the mall- oh and we rode the carousel. We also had a cupcakes sprinkled with Thomas confetti. Here

Cade and Abbey Cade enjoying his chicken nugget

Cade was set on having a choo-choo party so we couldn't let our little guy down! We purchased some cute invitations at Hobby Lobby and ordered our cake to match from RJs. Picked up some balloons and borrowed a train table and wallah- a choo-choo party!

Here some pictures from the bash
The favors were super cute- train hats and whistles from Oriental Trading. The funny thing was after I handed those out, one of the little boys asked me, Miss Tara don't you have any goody bags-- too cute!

Feb 23, 2009

we have floors

So since the last time I posted we now how 3 rooms with carpet and most of our wet areas are tiled.... next comes the wood. We should be moved in by next weekend which is fine with me.... The furniture people are coming out this week to repair anything that had water damage and then we can finally get those pieces back in the right places instead of in a huge pile in the middle of our living room. I can't wait for the cleaning crew to get here....this house is so dusty... even the key board has a layer of grit.

It'll all get back in order sooner or later....

Feb 8, 2009


I have so many people in my life that are pregnant right now. Some with their first, some with no. 2 on the way and some with their 4th and some that are trying! I keep debating when we will have another child. I definitely want Cade to have a partner in crime. Everyone says that their will never be the perfect time..... I just know now is not the time. I can see maybe trying later in the year..... I'd love to have another spring baby!

So our house was flooded about 2 weeks ago from a little plastic tube that connects the fridge ice maker to the water. The tube must have been detached all night with the amount of damage we had. I woke up to the mess and am still living in it.

The good thing is is that we are getting to upgrade our house with new carpet, tile and wood floors. We decided on tile for the bathroom and kitchen. Tomorrow I'm sure we'll decide on the wood. So many choices and putting it all together isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Cade is good. He turns two next Monday. He's such a smart baby.. I mean toddler.

He can count to 10, and sometimes higher (eleventeen, twelve, thirteen)
He can say his ABCs and even identify some of them (W, E, and O)
He sings pat a cake with hand movements
Stacks blocks like there is no tomorrow
LOVES ice cream
And says, AMEN and Bless You

He's the greatest blessing~ Travis too!

Jan 22, 2009

Tubes are in

For the past 23 months Cade has had 12 ear infections. Here lately it seems like he just can't get over them. So we made an appointment last month to get evaluated a second time by the ENT for the possibility of placing tubes in Cade's ears. It was highly recommended to help drain the ear and prevent further infections- while the ear can still become infected it at least can drain and not cause as much pain as a full blown infection. So we schedule the surgery.

Yesterday we woke up a 6 and arrived at the surgery center at 7. He played in the waiting room until it was time to get prepped. That took about 20 minutes and then he headed back to the OR for about 10 minutes. We literally sat down and got back up to go get him. He was the least bit happy to see us. Finally he settled down and we drove home. He slept a good while once we got home....and then all of sudden he shot up and said JUICE. Not sure if he was really awake, I comforted him and carried him to the kitchen, handed him his juice and then all of a sudden he went BLAH all over himself and me.

Poor baby. We cleaned him up and then he did it again.... just a little bit. So we stripped him down and tossed him into the tub. I think that made him feel better. Afterwards he was his normal self.... a little wobbly and bit more cranky than normal but overall he was doing well.

As for sleeping last night- I rocked him and tried to put him down and popped back up. I decided to not let him cry it out since he just had the procedure done-- he did sleep until 7 with me. So that was nice treat. Hopefully he'll wear himself out this afternoon at the park.

We go back in 2 weeks for a follow up. Let's hope for good results.

Jan 16, 2009

Snow Fun

At school this week they had a snow day. Cade had "snow" much fun sliding and playing in the snow.

Mrs. Fran and Cade

Even I went down the slide.... so fun!

Cade is really talking a lot these days. He's singing songs and counting to 10...and sometimes higher. He is constantly doing something to amaze us!

We're planning his 2nd birthday party for the 21st of February. I think we are going with a truck theme....however when I asked him if he wanted a choo-choo or a truck party he replied- choo-choo truck.

Should be cute and fun no matter what!

Travis is heading to Buffalo this morning to help his dad build a rail on the back porch. Cade and I are staying home with big plans of cleaning out the closets. We have so much stuff that just sits and takes up space and it's driving me crazy. Our fun will start after we have our playdate at Pump it Up this morning..... hopefully Cade will enjoy that.

Jan 5, 2009

I am back into couponing!

2/$7 Panteen (-3.50 extra care bucks (previously earned), - $3 off 2 coupon)= 2 bottles of Panteen for .54cents
Oh and I earned an additional $2 in extra care bucks

3.50 Electrasol- (-2.50 coupon, - 1.50 mail in rebate) = .50 overage
2.99 Garnier Shampoo (-$2 easy saver coupon, - $1 coupon) .01 overage

The cashier at CVS said- soooo basically we just paid you to shop here. I said, pretty much you did.

Get inspired~ check out this lady- she feeds her family of 4 on $800 a year just by couponing..... pretty amazing.

And look at for other couponing deals!