Mar 19, 2004

I just finished my six hour defensive driving course that took me 3 days to complete. I passed with a 95, cutting it close indeed.

I am so glad it's done! Now I can enjoy the last few days of my spring break!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Mar 18, 2004

Well the week is almost to an end. I'm finishing up my defensive driving course online today. I recommend doing it online because it allows you to go at your own pace instead of being trapped at one of those sit down courses. I have done that before and if you know me I hate being inside for too long. Defensive Driving lets you log on and off as many times as you want. It's a lot of reading and watching videos but definitely worth it. Hopefully I'll finish that today and then spend the rest of the day at Barnes and Noble or something relaxing like that. Sometimes it feels great just to do nothing so that's always an option.

Mar 16, 2004

Well today was day number 2 of my spring break. This morning I went to Petsmart to purchase a leash for Lucy. I never realized how expensive leashes were until today. I spent $19 on a retractable leash as opposed to the $12 for a standard leash. The good thing about this leash (besides the fact that it's retractable and that it matches her collar) is that it is suitable for dogs up to 26lbs. We are anticipating Lucy weighing 10-15lbs so this leash should work out for us. I took Lucy to the Vet this afternoon and found out that she weighs 5.8lbs. That would be 2.4lbs more than last time- chubby little puppy.
I also got my haircut since it was driving me crazy. I thinned out my layers and trimmed my bangs and now my hair feels a lot better. I spent the remainder of my day at my parents house. Now I'm home, listening to Jim Brickman and just about ready for bed. But first, as promised here are some photos taken over the past weekend.

Painting the crown molding

One more wall to go

Just when I thought that the BRAVO network couldn't get any better they came up with a show called Significant Others It's a comedy with no the actors say whatever the #&!@* they want! How cool does that sound? Pretty darn cool if you ask me.


Mar 15, 2004

Have you ever noticed how on Trading Spaces they can paint a 12x12 room in no time at all? Maybe it's the catchy jingle they play while they speed everything up or maybe it's the just the design team themselves busting their ass to get the job done. I haven't quite figured it out but I wish I would have known their technique this past weekend. Travis is moving back to Conroe later this month and on Saturday the two of us painted his bedroom in his parents house. We decided on a mossy shade of green. We used a dry brush technique that makes the dried paint look like linen. The room turned out awesome. I took some before and after pictures so you can see the effect for yourself.
(will post later)
Many of you know that I can't stand to go to stores that are "super sized" like Wal-Mart, Sam's or Costco. I don't buy anything in bulk and therefore don't go there. I thought the same of Home Depot and Lowes until Saturday when we went to get the paint. I never realized all the things Lowes has. It has EVERYTHING you could ever think of for home improvement and it's affordable. If you or someone you know is into design or home improvement you should definitely scan the aisles at Lowes! I will definetly be a repeat costumer. . .Wal-Mart is still out of the question.
Just when you thought this entry couldn't get anymore interesting I found this awesome duvet cover that would go great with the room and Travis' furniture. I hope he can eventually get the cover and the other linens that go along with it.
Anyway the big move takes place at the end of the month so let the joy of packing begin!