Feb 8, 2009


I have so many people in my life that are pregnant right now. Some with their first, some with no. 2 on the way and some with their 4th and some that are trying! I keep debating when we will have another child. I definitely want Cade to have a partner in crime. Everyone says that their will never be the perfect time..... I just know now is not the time. I can see maybe trying later in the year..... I'd love to have another spring baby!

So our house was flooded about 2 weeks ago from a little plastic tube that connects the fridge ice maker to the water. The tube must have been detached all night with the amount of damage we had. I woke up to the mess and am still living in it.

The good thing is is that we are getting to upgrade our house with new carpet, tile and wood floors. We decided on tile for the bathroom and kitchen. Tomorrow I'm sure we'll decide on the wood. So many choices and putting it all together isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Cade is good. He turns two next Monday. He's such a smart baby.. I mean toddler.

He can count to 10, and sometimes higher (eleventeen, twelve, thirteen)
He can say his ABCs and even identify some of them (W, E, and O)
He sings pat a cake with hand movements
Stacks blocks like there is no tomorrow
LOVES ice cream
And says, AMEN and Bless You

He's the greatest blessing~ Travis too!