Apr 30, 2011

My Very Own "Royal" Wedding

Who knew April 29th would become such a historical date (Royal Wedding Wills & Kate).

5 years ago this is what my day looked liked in pictures.

Trinity Lutheran Church
Stonewall, Texas

my beautiful hair, from rollers to pins, it really was just what I wanted.

Daddy walking me down the aisle

first dance: Keith Urban- Making Memories of Us
wedding cake with grandparent's wedding topper, they celebrated over 50 years together.

Luke Horton Photography

Yesterday we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by having Granddad pick Cade up for the day!  Of course the first thing Cade wanted to know was, "Where's Nana?"

We loaded up and headed to Riva Row on the Waterway to rent a kayak.  We both realized after about 5 minutes (make that 2 minutes) that only one of us was actually good at rowing.  I'll let you make up your own mind as to who you think it was. haha.

It was fun.  We are going to attempt to do it again, soon. Next time we'll just do our own rowing in our own vessels.
Afterwards we did a quick 2 mile walk around the waterway and then headed home to shower and dress for our lunch date at Landry's.  We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful day.  Afterwards we went to the mall and shopped for an anniversary band/right hand ring.  We found several that were just what I wanted. So now, it's up to Travis to decide. 
We then went to happy hour at Goose's Acre.  It was such a fun day.  We talked about the next 5 years:  another baby, a new house, and a hopefully a new position with HPD for Travis.  Lots of hopes and dreams to make happen.

Happy 5 anniversary Travis.
i love you.