Jul 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday I had my follow-up with Dr. Yezak. My MRI on my spine came back normal. I'm on a two week observation to see if I need more testing. Not sure what is going on with my nerves but I am praying that I get better and that things will get back to good. Please pray with me.

2. Tomorrow Cade and I are going to ride up to Gigi's house with my parents. I hope it doesn't take forever to get to Fredericksburg. I think it'll be good to get out of Spring and spend some time with family and of course on Main Street. :0)

3. I am slacking off on my sewing projects. I really want to finish my pillow cases for our chair in our front room... and then I want to make a pillowcase dress for my niece Payton and a hooter hider for a friend's shower in two weeks.

4. Travis and I went up to the farm this weekend. It was a lot fun. The cousins got a chance to play and feed the cows by hand.... eeeww. I guess I can't really say it's gross since I used to do that as a kid....I just don't remember them smelling as bad.

5. I missed out on the Starbucks pastry give away. I LOVE, loVE, LovE their scones. Oh well. I didn't need the extra calories anyway.

6. Kristyn has me wanting to go pick berries at our local farmers market and bake something delicious. Muffins are my fav!

7. August is going to be here in no time- which means school is starting again. Can't wait to see the green again.

8. We started landscaping our front yard. Travis and his dad dug up small, medium and HUGE boulders for our front bed. Now we need to take out the boxwoods and plant two cypress trees to frame our front window and then fill in the rest with native Texas plants. I can't wait to see the finished product.

9. Travis is also going to build us a pergola for our back porch. We have NO shade at all during the day until about 6 o'clock. So this will definitely provide some sort of cover for us. I think we're also going to add some boulders out there and then some more climbing flowers.

10. Don't forget to pray!