Jan 8, 2004

My parents bought me the Hoover Twin Chamber Bagless Vacuum with HEPA filtration and a furniture saving bumper guard for Christmas! My dad being the loyal Wal-Mart customer picked it up at the "everyday" low price of $100.28!

This is the kind of machine that makes every spec of dirt within earshot scream with cries of consternation. With careful assembly, my genius boyfriend displayed his masterful craftsmanship, only to find me stupified with excitement. I turned on the hygienic instrument only to find it gathering enough sand to save Venice from sinking, all within the limited extents of my apartment entry. No longer able to contain excitement and power of my new "toy", I reached for the power switch, only to find this device to be faulty. Or the vacuum was overly enthusiastic to continue working. Either case is not normal activity for this type of machine, so a trip to Wal-mart was definitely in order.

So that is where my bubble popped. We disassembled the machine and packed it back in the box and made our way to Wally World. But our fun didn't end at the first store- not even the second store where I ended up just getting a giftcard. I guess this was the gift to give this holiday season because Wal-Mart can't keep the dang thing on their shelf.

I was told by a sales associate that Wal-mart restocks their shelves nightly (but in no way, shape or form would I EVER frequent a Wal-Mart that often).

Third times the charm so hopefully I'll have some luck and be back in business.