Apr 22, 2004

So I've been told once or twice that I'm an organized person but for some reason I can't seem to get my closet organized. I have piles of clothes waiting to be hung up. I have a basket overflowing with dirty clothes and boxes of stuff on the top shelf. It's a mess and it's making me nuts!

Yesterday I made an attempt to organize the top shelf. Travis told me to go from top to bottom. I went through every box and got rid of things that I didn't need and hadn't looked at in a long time.

I got rid of one bag of trash but you really couldn't even tell.

Just ask Travis.

I told him not to look any lower than the top shelf. He stood there wide eyed with a puzzled look on his face. It was like he thought I was joking about cleaning the closet out. LOL

Maybe he couldn't tell but I had one heaping bag of trash to prove that I had done something. . . .

So, today I'm going to make another attempt to get things hung up and make the space clutter free.

I have the latest issue of Real Simple magazine which has some great tips on how to organize yourself and simplify your life. The article, The Organizer, was a great source of inspiration for making my living space clutter free!

Clutter is that stuff you don't notice, use, or care about until it's time to get rid of it. Yet at that precise moment, although you know better, letting go of your Riverdance instructional video or those 25 blank notepads feels like smothering a piece of your soul. You are plagued with concerns: What if you need it someday? Why did you buy it? What would Antique Rooadshow say....

...Time to kiss the clutter good-bye!