Jan 14, 2004

This past weekend Travis and I went back up to Buffalo to his parents ranch house. We loaded up the truck and picked Cassie Marie up from the Miller's house and headed North for the weekend. We had such a good time together! We spent Saturday making a swing to hang from an old oak tree out in the pasture. We painted it Regal Red and let it dry over night.

Sunday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn and went for a morning walk.

Sunday afternoon Travis and I hung the swing- tacky paint and all.

Here a is a picture of the tree where we hung the swing from:

Here we are steady and stable on the back of the tailgate installing the swing. I promise this is safe!

Here we are doing the final adjustments....I swear I was a BIG help and that I didn't just play with Cassie!

And here we are after the test ride!

Cassie and Travis