May 19, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. The letter "u" is broken on my laptop. It only works if you press it towards the left with extreme pressure.

2. Today Travis put Cade in his crib only to learn that Cade can now climb out on his own. When I asked Cade what he did today he said, "mama no help. Cade fall."

3. We had our last Junior League Meeting/Dinner of the year. Our Provisional class has now graduated and we are now considered "actives." Yay!

4. My mom and I might be driving up to Austin Thursday- Sunday. My cousin Mark is back from Germany...he brought along a friend....I want to meet her and see him- so now is the time to do it before they head back to Germany on Sunday!

5. Did I mention how much I love the iPod touch....the apps are so addicting!

6. We assembled the worlds biggest Thomas the Train track in our guest room. It's remote controlled and everything. It's pretty sweet. Cade enjoys it until Thomas takes a corner a bit too fast and derails from the track....When this happens, Thomas is usually thrown across the room out of frustration.

7. I want to buy a tree for the backyard (so sad that our neighborhood didn't "come" with trees) I also want a brick mailbox with a flower box..... can you say weekend project Travis?!

8. This will be my 3rd 10 on Tuesday post.

9. I want to get back to the gym. Hopefully Travis and I can work it out with his schedule that I go when he is home so Cade doesn't have to go to the germ covered children's area.....but I might just have to break down and just GO. I need to- besides isn't that was sanitizer is for?

10. I love LOVE LoVE the weather we are having. It's gorgeous!