Jan 19, 2005

I am just about done unpacking my stuff from the big move. I love my new place! It's huge! I especially like the fact that it has wood flooring,crown molding and a ginormous bathroom! I told Travis that if you have to pay rent, you might as well put it towards something nice. Riiiiight?!

On Monday, I interviewed at the Ronald McDonald House to become a weekly volunteer. The RMH is a home away from home for families of children being treated for serious illnesses. Most of the volunteers at RMH are assigned to a floor/room and are expected to maintain it and also to accommodate the guests staying there. The person who I spoke to said that at Texas Children's Hospital there is much more one on one interaction. I think that's more up my alley. I'd like to do it once a week to keep me busy since Travis will be starting the Academy later this month. I'm also looking into taking a Leisure Learning class on how to sew. I bought a Singer Sewing machine a few weeks ago and last night we finally took it out of the box. We followed the directions on how to wind the bobbin and thread the needle BUT no sewing took place. The dang bobbin is getting hung up on something and causing great distress. A class is indeed a must!

Earlier this week I went to Whole Foods which is conveniently located right around the corner from my apartment. One step in the door and they have you wondering what on earth is that delicious smell?! It smells so YUMMY in there! I wasn't looking for anything in particular but there before me, pleasantly displayed, with labels facing outward is where I spotted the COOLEST water bottle ever! The bottle comes in two sizes, both are made of glass with the letters VOSS etched on the side. I told Travis all about them and he agreed that they did sound pretty cool! ;) So cool that he went to Whole Foods today and bought 2 bottles. One for himself and the other as a surprise for me. I immediately opened it and took a sip... ahhhhh. You'll have to see for yourself.