May 11, 2004

It's almost the end of the school year...12 days to go and YES I'm counting!
This last month has just flown by for me and that's a good thing because I'm ready for a break!
Next week is our big Kindergarten Farewell program. It's going to be really cute the night of but all the practices leading up to it would have you fooled. Today was the first day to practice on the stage and behind the curtain. Imagine trying to control 135, five year olds. It's almost impossible but you have to keep telling yourself 12 more days...Just 12 more days.

After those 12 days I'm not sure what I'll have going on. I definitely want to go on a roadtrip- somewhere sunny! I am also considering getting a second job to help pay bills and so I can start stashing more money away!I've considered working at LoneStar Paper Company out in The Woodlands or waiting tables. Waiting tables is fast money and offers a flexible schedule and it might be my best bet.

But all of that still needs to be decided on and I'm not going to worry if I don't find anything because it will be nice to just do nothing for awhile.

As an added BONUS I have included pictures from this past weekend taken at the farm

OK- so most of you know that I grew up spending my summers at my Grandparent's farm. I grew to LOVE cows and even had one of my own named Lillybelle. I had no fear about cows up until now. One day I was home alone up at the farm- Travis had gone into town for something and I was scrapbooking at the kitchen table. I had the front and back doors open allowing a cool breeze to pass through and while I was working I heard this loud "moo" off in the distance. I get up and go out to the patio and do a cow call that my Papa did when he wanted the cows to come. I waited and waited. Then finally I hear the "moo" again and this time it's closer and louder and more frequent. I see the cows coming and run inside and shut all the doors. I was so scared! Especially of the black one. I don't know what her deal was but she would not stop mooing!!

That happend a few weeks ago but I tried the cow call again this past weekend on some innocent baby cows that live on the place across from The Millers.

When I did the cow call on these guys I got many stares and stomps out of them!

Here is my cowboy fresh off the tractor!