Aug 28, 2009


I have been meaning to update this for awhile but never had a quiet moment but today is different- my mom has Cade and my husband is asleep. So just a quick update before I have to be Mama or Wifey again.

Travis and I have BIG news........ we saved $200 by switching electric providers. Reliant was killing our budget the past few months so we made the decision to drop them and go with a company that would cut our bill nearly in half. And it did. Our nearly $400 bill went down to $190 for the months of JULY and AUGUST. I can't wait to see what next month will be..... (well. I take that back. I really can wait).

Julie called today and announced that she just had her 4th little boy- Nathan Thomas (although she hasn't decided for sure on the name). He was 7.7lbs with red hair. I don't know how she does it with 4 boys! She's amazing!

Today would have been my Papa's 88th birthday. He was an amazing man. I'll never forget they way he smiled, or the way he talked. The way he would laugh at Grumpy Old Men or how he would say, "Sure is Good." From when I was just a little girl to when I was an adult he would always beat me in the first hand of dominoes only to let me somehow win the next time.....and he always knew which dominoes you had in your hand...he loved that game. Thanks to him I have happily beat Travis several times! Thank you for the memories Papa. I love you and miss you.

Cade is doing great. I think he has hit a growth spurt over the last few weeks- his appetite is growing he can't seem to get enough to eat! His vocabulary is huge as is his imagination these days. He is really into puzzles, books and blocks. He loves saying "S-T-O-P, STOP" at every stop sign he sees. He knows all of his uppercase letters and can count to 13- and then jumbles up the rest of the numbers to 20. He is constantly saying or doing something that takes you by surprise. He is absolutely growing up WAY too fast. This past week we met Cade's teachers. He loves them already. He keeps telling me that miss G and miss J have ears and hair.... I think he's going to have another wonderful year at ELP.

Tomorrow is mama day- well for a short 2 hours so I can get my haircut and run a few errands. So thankful that Travis can watch Cade so I can get my hair done. Sunday is church at Northside Christian Church. This will be our second time there. Last week we enjoy the service- similar to Fellowship but much, much, much smaller. It's we shall see if it's a fit!

Travis recently got his HAM radio license. He has been fooling around with it for a month or so. My dad is also an operator- builds his own equipment and talks to people from all over. Pretty neat hobby for both.

That's all for now......