May 11, 2011

Catching up.

1.  We celebrated Travis' 34th birthday last week on Cinco de Mayo.  We really didnt' do anything too exciting since he had to work but we have a nice lunch at Hook's Airport and then nibbled on a few cupcakes from Gigi's. 

2. Mother's day was great. We had brunch at Julia's then came home and made the Pioneer Woman's Lasagna. Hands down the best lasagna- ever. 

3. Travis surprised me with one of the rings we picked out on our anniversary.  I love it and will treasure it always.

4.  School is out in 3 days.  Yay for me but it will be a sad time for Cade.  He loves school.  To him summer means asking the ever popular question of the day:  Are we going to school today?

5.  I completed my first 5k run/walk. 

6.  I am looking forward to having more $$ at the end of the month.  We no longer have a house phone. For 5 years we never even plugged one in but we were paying for one. We also switched tv packages to channels that we actually watch.  It doesn't have all of them but really... we don't watch tv that much to really need/want 5000 channels.

7.  Boot Camp is going well.  I'm in week 7.  I'm really liking it. I"m looking forward to doing more classes this summer since Travis is home Monday and Tuesday mornings I can get in an additional 2 workouts!  yay!


Seven is all I can think of right now... more later!