May 19, 2011

it's summer time

Yay for Summer Time!
I can't believe this time next year I'll be one of those mom's crying because their baby is going to kindergarten.  How can it be?  Here recently Cade has been asking me if I remember when he was, "this little" or "this little".... How can I? Time goes by so fast you really do forget how small they once were... but somehow I manage to say, "of course I do" .... boo-hoo.

Day one of my vacation started off with me dropping my iPhone and having the screen shatter.  yay. 
My day got much better after that.  I watched Luke and Hudson for the first time!  I had my little helper with me to ensure that we wouldn't "lose one."  We had so much fun!  We played, and played, and played. Afterwards we headed to lunch to meet Mary.  Travis stopped by and joined us for a few minutes before heading to overtime. After lunch we went to HEB and then home for some rest (twins can really wear you out) and then we topped off the night with an evening session of Yoga. 

Day two is in the planning stages.  We will most likely have breakfast here and then venture out.  I'm thinking Gym, lunch and movies with the possibility of a little pool time.  Can't wait for swim lessons this summer. Cade says, he'll only do it with goggles.  I guess I'll put that on my shopping list.