Mar 31, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

A few of my friends have a Ten on Tuesday's mine.

1. I'm super excited that today is finally here! Keith Urban released his new album. I love LOVE LoVE it! I could listen to him all day. Here is a picture from earlier this month when we went to the rodeo to see him.

2. We have been in our house for two weeks now. We just need to finish a few things: touch up paint, trim around the fireplace, and install our new toilet paper holder! Once those things are taken care of we can conquer the garage and then call it done.

3. I am trying to cook new things for dinner instead of the same ol' same. Last night it was chicken tortilla soup and the night before a honey mustard chicken. I really want to take a cooking light class or buy a book that has recipes that don't require a bunch of speciality spices/ingredients but offers tasty recipes.

4. There are only 6 weeks of school left! I'm happy and sad at the same time. The school I work at is great! I love the staff, the parents and the kids. It's such a great environment.

5. Travis and I are talking babies. Maybe trying this summer. I'm tracking now.

6. We will be out of debt this month! Thank GOD.

7. I am planning something special for our 3rd anniversary. We usually go to Fredericksburg since that is where we were married. I love it there. It's your typical small town, with great shops, great food and lots of history. We are all about small town fun.

8. Cade is talking up a storm. He sings songs, can identify almost all of the letters of the alphabet (in no particular order) and has a severe peanut butter addiction.... the other day we were saying our goodnight prayers and he said, "God Bless, mama, daddy, Lucy, nini, noni, uncle Travis, peanut butter, nana, grandad, amen!

9. I'm the search of a new pair of running shoes- some pink and white ones. Nike's or puma's are my shoes of choice.

10. Here is my sweetie pie at his choo-choo party last weekend.

the hairy guy in the picture is my husband, Travis.