May 12, 2005

Two Things

one: If you are bored at work (which I know never happens) go to and click on radio player and select a megamix to listen to. It will definitely make your day better! My personal favorites are Napolean Dynamite and Britney Spears with Linkin Park. It's super sweet.

two: I was offered a job in Magnolia teaching Kindergarten!

May 11, 2005

The wait is finally over! Faith Hill's newest song in over two years was released yesterday! Her new single "Mississippi Girl," can be heard here.

Another one bites the dust- Kenny Chesney and Rene Zellweger were married this past Monday. I'm impressed that they kept their relationship under the radar as long as they did. There aren't too many pictures of the two exchanging vows but from the ones I have seen, I like the barefoot Kenny Chesney look! If I decided to get married on an island far from here, my groom should take note of this opinion.

I called in sick (cough, cough) today because I have interviews scheduled with two school districts. I'm interviewing with Klein this morning and then in Magnolia this afternoon. Hopefully something will come from this!