Apr 2, 2012

it's happening

In approximately 6 weeks school will be over and Cade will no longer be a pre-k kid. He'll be a KINDERGARTNER. 


That's me crying over the fact that I will not have him with me next year.

Like most moms who read my blog, they have had the opportunity to stay at home with their babies and watch them grow up.  I've also had the privileged to watch him grow up at school. Every MTW for the past 4 years I have taken Cade to school with me. 

I remember the days of the Owl class and how he cried everyday until Christmas (luckily this was only a 1 day a week class) so really it was just crying for half a day, one day a week.  These were the days when I had to duck down when walking past his classroom door.  I'm sure you can relate, SUZ!

Then came the BlueBird Class with Miss Gina and Miss Jennifer... oh how he loved/loves them!  The days when I could actually pop in to the classroom and visit during a school event - like Fall Festival or Spring Fling.  Those were also the days when we would come in early to set up my room and he'd venture off down the hall to be in the room with his teachers instead of me... that's when I knew he loved school.

Then the Robin Class... we both loved Miss Corky, Miss Melissa and Ruby Robin...everything about their class is fun! They also gave us the Ruby Robin Greatest Hits...which is seriously the least annoying children's cd out there.  I tend to skip no.4 on the track list because I can only handle so much of "going on a bear hunt!"

Then came the day when we went to the other side of the hall to the Pre-K classes.  We were assigned to The Cardinal class (really I picked them)! We adore Miss Deb, Miss Terri and Miss Donna!  Cade counts the number of sleeps until he gets to go back to school.  He loves Miss Deb and Miss Deb loves him.  I can just tell... she laughs at his jokes and he laughs at hers.  He runs into her room each and every morning saying, "hi, Miss Deb" and he gets a "hello, Mr. Cade!"

Do you see a pattern here? 

It's LOVE.

See all the things I'm going to miss next year when he goes to public school.

I just want his teacher next year to love him as much as the teachers, my co-workers and friends do at ELP.

I don't know if it's possible to really do that in a classroom with 22, 5 year olds and one teacher. 

I just pray that he has a Godly teacher who will encourage his love of learning and provide him fun learning experiences the way ELP does.  That would be my one prayer, oh and that I will be able to let him go after the almost 5 years years of having him with me. 


Next week starts Kindergarten Round Up.  I told Cade today that I would have to sign him up and his response was- "if you don't sign me up, I don't have to go!"  I told him I liked his thinking.

I have 5 chances to sign him up.  I'm looking at April 20, so if you pray, pray that I'll go that day if not earlier. 

boooo-hoooo.  Seriously need to dry my eyes before my husband comes home and asks me if I'm sad about Cade going to Kindergarten...again!