May 24, 2004

2.5 days left of school! I told Travis my name should be The Packing Queen! I have emptied out a couple of shelves and a cabinet and moved all of my teacher crap into my new classroom. I have to admit that I am much more productive in the morning than in the afternoon. Tomorrow I will have to recruit extra help from my kids to help this process along.

About my weekend...
Travis and I postponed our camping trip for another time. It was probably a good idea we did anyway because we wouldn't have been able to fully enjoy ourselves and the great outdoors in only one day! So instead of camping we went up to Austin on Saturday to see Maxie's first dance recital. Talk about cute! Maxie was in 2 dances with a dress change in between.

The first was a ballet to Edelwiess.

And the second was a tap to Peppermint Twist.

After the second dance we all went out to dinner to Mamacita's to celebrate! We headed back to Conroe after dinner, getting home around 11:30 that night. Sunday was spent cleaning out the car, running errands, and taking it easy! And by taking it easy I mean swinging in the hammock. If you've never had the chance to swing in one you should definitely try it! I give it 5 stars!

Yesterday evening Travis and I prepared a fajita dinner for his parents. I have decided that cooking for someone is nice, but cooking with someone is even better! (especially when it's Travis)!