Nov 29, 2011

Elf On The Shelf

Today on my afternoon off I went to Toys R Us to return two Lego sets that I no longer needed since Julie scored me that ginormous 1600 piece Lego set on Black Friday! I'm still in shock with that number.  What are we going to do with that many Legos.  I guess the question really is- what aren't we going to do with that many Legos.

So once I got my money back on my return I took a quick stroll through the store and then made my way out and headed down to Target to check out the Elf On The Shelf.  I have seen and heard about it and last year the kids in my class were always telling me what their elf did and where they found him that morning.... so fun!

So once I had the package in my hands I debated for a while on actually getting this elf or just getting any ol' elf and calling it the elf on the shelf... I mean it's $30 for a doll that looks like it could be pulled apart just by looking at it.  But it comes with a book and you get a $5 gift card if you buy it and I have a $5 coupon for my purchase that's like $10 off in "coupon talk" so with out anymore hesitation I bought it.

This evening Cade and I sat by the tree and opened the box.  We read the book and he followed along- looking concerned at parts- trying to figure out if this was real or not.  It's REAL to him.  So real that he wanted to know if Dillon saw him throw his empty juice box at me today.  I said, he didn't because we didn't know about Dillon then. There was a sigh of relief on his face.

Tonight Dillon is sitting high on our shelf (the higher the better in this house) and we will wait to see where he ends up tomorrow morning.

By the way, google images and pinterest (if you're a member) has tons of pictures posted of elves in action!

Nov 28, 2011

black friday and turkey pics

 Here is what 4 hours of roasting perfection looks like.
Here is my wedding china freshly out of the box after 5 and a half years.
Our Thanksgiving "Tablescape"
                                                                    Mom and Daddy joined us! 


Just after lunch I noticed  Cade seemed to slowly be coming down with a cold.  By 3:30 he just looked like he didn't feel good.  I rocked him in the recliner and he was out in a matter of 5 minutes.  As I rocked him he started feeling pretty warm so I decided to take his temperature- 101.5 which is high for Cade who hardly ever runs a fever- he's usually below normal on any given day.   I gave him some Tylenol and let him sleep some more.  While he slept Mom and I did our usual Black Friday ad scramble at the kitchen table.  Julie and I had already prepped earlier that week but I needed to refresh myself on what it was that I really wanted to get.  I made my final list and then decided on my mode of attack.  I decided that Toys 'R Us really wasn't where the majority of my list was so I made that  my 3rd stop that night.  First being, Wal-Mart (never again) and then Target.   I finalized plans with Julie and touched base with Susan and decided I was ready to go!  I woke Cade up around 5 and loved on him for a bit but by 6 o'clock I was out the door and  heading to Wal- Mart. 

I made it to Wal Mart by 6:40 and was in line by 7.  I was no.22 for the x-box kinect. Julie arrived at 7:30 to join me in line.  Her husband Mark decided at the last minute he wanted one too! He also decided that he wanted to do Black Friday shopping with us! So while we were at Wal-Mart he was positioned at Target.  By 11:55 we had made it through check out.  I told Julie to leave without me (I stayed behind and loaded up the car with our purchases) and she took her car and went on to meet Mark.  She made it with 1 minute to spare- even hopping over the barricade.  The two of them got everything on our list.  I made it there at midnight but didn't make it to the line.  Once in Target it only took an hour and a half to shop and get through the line.  Wal- Mart needs to take note.

Next stop was Kolh's for one thing Julie was interested in and then we headed to Toys R Us which was surprisingly dead at 2:30.  I got a few things for Cade and a few birthday gifts for a few parties we are invited to this weekend.  I was checked out and headed home by 3:30.  I was asleep by 4:30. 

One of the things I learned this year is to have a back up battery for my phone and to have someone at home that can shop online while you are out shopping.  Several people have told me that they didn't even bother going out because stores opened there black Friday deals earlier online than in the stores. Normally I would have just had Travis just shop for me but he was taking care of Cade that night.

  Overall it was a successful night!

Julie even did a little shopping/returning on her way home and scored us the ever so hard to find 1600 piece Lego set for $30 at the Wal Mart in Spring. 
yay, Julie!
I know- 1600 pieces.  But once you start to price Legos you'll see that $30 is a steal for that many!

Once we were all feeling semi-better  (Yes, all of us were sick.  By the way, Travis was a really good caretaker.  He even made me homemade turkey noodle soup on Saturday! He's the best!) we finally finished decorating the tree on Sunday.  Travis and Cade are looking for the pickle in this picture.   Evidently I hid it pretty well.   They needed "hot and cold" hints!
Our Tree
                                      And here is sweet Lady Bird all snugly UNDER my tree.