Dec 13, 2003

I have the FLU.
Not just the cough and cold flu but THE STOMACH FLU. It's the worst!

I think I caught it from one of my friends at work or maybe it came from one of the 20 germ spreading kids that I teach. I'm leaning towards the second.

I took off yesterday and just laid on the couch all day. I watched my favorite shows on Food Network- I could watch Tyler all day!

I also caught up on the new show called House Rules . It's actually filmed out in Katy, Texas. It's basically about 3 couples who get to completely renovate a house. They have no outside help, just each other. After each episode a team of designers come in and evaluates the couples work and gives them a score. The couple with the most points doesn't necessarily win in the end. Every show has a twist and in this case the American public gets to call in and cast their vote on which house they like the best.

The couple with the most votes in the end gets the house!

I know who I'm voting for Rebecca and Joey because their style most closely resembles mine. I love their kitchen!

Check it out the final episode on Friday, December 19.