Oct 4, 2011

party pics and a trip to the ranch

To get to the ranch you have to go down a long an winding road, over 2 cattle guards and open 3 gates.  If that doesn't tell you that you are out in the middle of the country, I don't know what will. 

This is Cade and Travis opening the 3rd gate. It's a special gate.

This one of the first times Cade has been out there. I'm hoping we'll make another trip out there this winter. He seemed to like the fresh air and looking at all the old stuff.

This weekend we also celebrated my Grandma's 85th Birthday!

My whole family hosted a wonderful celebration on Saturday honoring a very special person in all of our lives- Mrs. Josephine Schaeferkoeter turned 85!

Here are some pictures from the day!

My cousin, Alex who is slicing lemons for the lemonade.  It's so handy to carry a pocket knife, isn't it. haha

Daddy carrying in the BBQ~ yum!

Stephanie and Gigi
(in the background is my cousin, Mark and his girlfriend Tina whom he met in Germany).

The party was held on LBJ ranch- it's just down the road from the church we got married in. We were all surprised at the amount of water that was still in the river. Of course some areas were dry to the bone but this particular spot was full of clear blue water.

Gigi enjoying her cake

Mom and Uncle Harvey
Uncle Harvey is my grandma's only surviving brother.  They came from a huge family and have a really special bond. 

A sweet little speech from Gigi!

I love you Grandma!!
~tara leAnn

After the party ended Travis and I went to the Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg.  We met up with my cousin, Erica around 10 pm (can you believe FBG was still "open")  Talk about a fun night!  Tons of old people dancing, lots of great music, food and beer! 

(insert chicken dance music here)