Apr 2, 2004

Well this was quite the week at school. We had our annual fieldtrip to the Oil Ranch out in Hockley, Texas.
It was the perfect weather for a field trip- extreme clear and breezy! The kids had a great time running around all day! I had 7 parents who chaperoned and because of them I was able to float around and do my own thing, like go on a hay-ride! Yee-Haw!

It's true kids do say the darndest things. For example we traveled over 50 miles and one child shouted "Hey! Miss Johnson, we're not in Townewest any more!" Then upon arrival back at school (keep in mind that it's 2:20) I heard, "so now do we eat lunch?" and "We aren't doing any work today?"

Silly kids but you gotta love 'em!

The day after the fieldtrips are the longest because you're still tired from the day before and the kids are still talking about the trip and excited that it's the last day of the week, etc. I didn't think the day would ever end but it did and now I'm home! I'm thinking about heading to my favorite store to get Julie a shower gift! Please tell me you know what my favorite store is? If you guessed Target you advance to go and collect $200!
Her baby could be coming any day within the next 2 weeks! How exciting!

Tomorrow is the shower and afterwards I'm heading to Conroe to meet Travis' dad to drive up to the farm with him. Travis is already up there with his mom but Mr. Miller said he'd wait on me and take me up there! Should be a fun weekend! Oh and I'm getting Lucy's picture taken with the Easter Bunny at Petco!
So that'll be fun! I'll post pictures soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mar 29, 2004

So I've been hinted at to update my blog. So without hesitation here is the scoop.
Travis and I have been working at packing up his apartment. Finally on Saturday we were able to get everything out of the apartment and either to storage or to his parent's place. You never realize how much stuff you have until it comes time to move.

That afternoon we drove down to Austin for Maxie's birthday party on Sunday.

Here are a few pics of the Big Barbie Bash!

A pre-party shot

Before we cut the cake- not just any cake- a Barbie cake

Macey, Maxie and Bubba wearing Barbie hats in the latest spring colors!

Maxie was so lucky! She got a Barbie moonwalk