Jan 19, 2011

Mission Organization

My pantry is organized! I now have my sprinkles, cupcake liners, decorating pens and all that mess in these really cute plastic bins.  They are flat and came with a lid that locks in place. 

I also went through all of my spices.  I read once that you should only keep spices for one year. I had some in my pantry from 2007- ick! 

I also went through my tupperware containers. Anything that wasn't a match got pitched out.  This is what I have my eye on:

I actually want 2 sets but that would be $100.... I'll settle for what I have and just hope for a SALE.

Next on the list:  The Scrapbook Cabinet. It's filled to the max with papers, stationary and everything pretty but there has to be a better way to store these things. 

Once I get my camera charged  up I will post pictures of all MY hard work.

Countdown to 4

This little guy will be 4 years old in less than a month.