Aug 7, 2011

meal no.4

Pioneer Woman's bbq pizza....  so yummy!

1 bag of pre-shredded chicken warmed up with bbq sauce (see recipe for shredded chicken in an earlier post).
bbq sauce
dash of kosher salt
Pioneer's Woman's pizza dough
1/4 lb of sliced mozzarella

Roll out dough. Eyeball the following:  Drizzle EVOO on top. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Spread BBQ sauce on top.   Place mozzarella slices on top.  Spoon 1 cup chicken over the cheese and bake. For 8-10 minutes.  This is a thin crust.. and it bakes quick. 

Once baked. Top with fresh cilantro and enjoy with a glass of vino.

Travis said this was the BEST pizza he's EVER had.  I finally figured out the crust.... I usually make her crust a bit thicker but this pizza recipe is supposed to be rolled thin.... With every bite there is a crunch to it.  It's the best sound ever.