Jul 3, 2011

summer time 2011

Wow.  I haven't updated in a quite awhile.

For the month of June we kicked off our summer by signing Cade up for swim lessons taught by my good friend, Susan.  After his first lesson I was pretty sure he hated me.  He loves splashing in the water and playing with pool toys but take off the floaty and make him go under water seemed like the worst thing I could have asked him to do.  I even played with the idea of taking him out of class because I could tell he hated it.  I talked with Susan and decided to take her advice to stick with it and purchase Speedo goggles.  You would think that this wouldn't make a bit of difference but they worked like magic.  In fact, after his second lesson we went swimming at my friend Mary's house and I couldn't stop him from going under and swimming all around.  It was incredible.

We also signed Cade up for Gymnastics at Flips.  He goes for 45 minutes once a week and loves it.

I'm going to try to get a video of him doing both and post it here later this week.

Today we are off to Livingston to visit one of Travis' old friends and then look at some property that Travis wants to hunt on this winter. 

Later in July we're looking to take a trip to the hill country for a little r&r.  Hopefully we spend one day in Austin and then a few days out in Fredericksburg.  Having 2 dogs makes it a little tricky with getting out of town.... hmmm... any takers on Lucy? She's the well trained one.  Ladybird is more like a loose moose in the house.... she is getting better...kind of!