May 20, 2004

Tuesday night was Kindergarten Farewell, which is just another name for Kindergarten graduation without really calling it that. We have to call it something other than a graduation because Fort Bend says that children should only graduate once and that it should be at grade 12.

Anywho....The kids showed up at 6:45 all decked out in tuxes, suites and ties, and ball gowns. Just about every single kid dressed up- it's always a sight to see. The kids did a great job and from what I can tell the audience enjoyed the show too. My parents and Travis came for the evening and said that the program was really cute!

5 days to go until the bell rings for the last time this school year. I'm taking a half day on Friday because Travis and I are going camping this weekend at McKinney Falls. It should be a great weekend for it and I'm so excited because I haven't been camping in forever! Saturday we will drive into Buda to freshen up and then head to Maxie's 1st dance recital.

I will be sure to take my camera because this weekend holds many photo/scrapbook opportunities!