Jun 9, 2009


1. Sewing is going great. I've sewed two pillow cases- one in a vintage cowboy print for Cade's room and one in a raw silk..... I'm really proud of how they both turned out. Tomorrow I'm going to my second lesson and starting my tote bag project.

2. Thinking about going back to work...it will most likely happen next year but I'm ready to get back into teaching and putting more green in the bank. A friend from JL has a job share position- where she works 3 days on week and 2 the next. It seems like the perfect fit for me. Travis could watch Cade Monday and Tuesday and my parents could maybe watch him one day....and then I would be home the rest of the week...... very ideal and it would be 3x more than I make now.... so I'm thinking about it.

3. I got my haircut above my shoulders. It's super cute and easy to style. I would post pictures but I can't find my camera charger.

4. Wishes the Bachelorette would be on everyday not just once a week..... I want to know who Gillian picks. I'd pick Jake or Kipton....and there is one other one I like.....can't remember his name.

5. Going to start taking Cade to the gym with me. I think it'll be good for both of us. He'll get to play with other kids and I'll be able to work out. Travis is trying to get in touch with a trainer in Conroe....but so far we haven't been able to reach her. His mom is using her and seems to like the program. If I don't get a trainer I'm going to look into getting a workout buddy....I asked a few friends but they aren't sure they are ready to commit.....I know I'm ready- I just need to be pushed out the door.

6. The past two nights Cade has crawled in bed with us....tonight if it happens again I'm going to put him back in his bed. There just isn't enough room for the 4 of us (lucy is a tosser as is Cade).
I'm not sure why he's waking up.... he had been doing so great in his bed since we converted it over!

7. I'm wishing we could afford landscaping. Our house would really benefit from some kind of barrier around the bushes out front. I have so many ideas for it but there just isn't any money for that sort of thing right now. I also want a covered patio and some kind of playground equipment in the backyard. Sam and Charlie have a homemade one with ramp, slide and sandbox.... Travis is supposed to get Charlie to give him and estimate on materials and then we can come up with a design. Cade would love to have one and so would I.... The porch would definitely be an up sale whenever we decide to move.

8. Is wondering when my Junior League assignment is going to start. I'm ready to get back into it. I miss it!

9. A clean house feels good.

10. Thinking about making a trip out to Hobby Lobby to get some more fabric. Maybe I'll stop by Krissy's and check in on her.