Apr 13, 2004

The time has come for me to update!

Talk about a relaxing day for me!
First of all I'm off today. Actually I have been off since last Friday! I love being a teacher!

So this past weekend Travis and I went up to the farm for some alone time. It was a great weekend for us! Travis worked on tearing down a wall and putting up new paneling and I worked on my scrapbook. His mom sent us up there with a project to complete: paint the coffee table red! So we did and it turned out really cute! We headed back to Conroe on Sunday for Easter lunch with his parents and his brother Scott. His mom is the best cook! The rest of the day we spent unpacking his room and getting him organized. I think we have a little more work to do but it's almost done! Yesterday I spent the day at home and rented some movies. Travis has been wanting me to see All the Pretty Horses and I have been wanting to see Something's Gotta Give. I watched the second one with my mom last night when I went over there. I decided I'd go ahead and spend the night there since I had to take Lucy to the vet this morning for her third round of shots and for her watery eyes and itchy ears. So this morning I woke up and took her in and she cried and cried after being poked 3 times and having drops put down her ears but luckily the vet had doggy treats readily available to calm her down!

After that mess I went back to my apartment and dropped her off. Then I went to Houston Plant and Garden Center and bought 6 potted plants, a new pair of gardening gloves and a bag of potting soil. I found that HPGC has the lowest prices on plants, flowers and gardening essentials. From there I went to HEB to stock up on fresh vegetables and other healthy foods. If you have access to an HEB in your neck of the woods you have to try the Hill Country Fair Lime Water! It's the best flavored water out there and its' sugar free!


From there I went back home and unloaded my groceries and transplanted my flowers into new pots. Now I have the prettiest balcony in the complex!
See for yourself:
an assortment of flowers

some more flowers

and a few more.

. . . And just for kicks, here is an updated picture of Lucy!