Jul 13, 2011

2 sleeps until....

Cade spends the weekend with Maxie! 

He is super excited about it.  Has already said he's packing Lucy and going to have a talk with her about the rules at Noni's house..... I'm pretty sure Lucy already knows the rules and I'm also pretty sure she's staying home with Travis. 

The plan is for Cade and Maxie to spend the weekend in Austin with Nana, Granddad and Travis P.
Stephanie is going to the lake for a girl's weekend and I'm going to meet up with Kristine and a few other friends for a girls weekend in Fredericksburg.  I am really looking forward to it.  Sad to leave Cade behind, but it'll be fun to do touristy things and spend some time with my friends and with my Grandma.

My Travis is working. boo.  BUT he'll get some good sleep and be able to tackle all the fun project he's been wanting to do..... right, honey?

Next week we're going to Blue Bell for the day and then maybe spend an afternoon at the Children's Museum downtown and then a cool down at Discovery Green.  It's going to be a fun weekend/week ahead of us.  I hope my back can hold up.

Jul 11, 2011


Remember way back in May I surprised Travis with a Groupon to Texas World Speedway on his birthday? No, you don't? Well, I did.  It was a pretty good deal and I shared it with two friends and they each bought one for their significant other. 

We met up at Charlie's house on Saturday morning and loaded into the *party bus and headed out to College Station to the race track. 

*the party bus was once a short yellow school bus that Charlie bought and decked it out with leopard print carpet, leather wrap around seats, a/c, sound system and a jet black paint job with blacked out windows.  It definitely turned some heads down the back roads of Montgomery.  It is currently for sale or rent if you are in need of vehicle of this kind.

We pulled in right on time, got the guys checked in and fitted for helmets.  They had to go through a short introduction class covering such things as the history of the speedway, what to do when your instructor says (yells), "brrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaakkkkk" and various other bits of information.  After that was all said and done the class headed out to the track.  Since we arrived on time and said we wanted to go first, we got to go first.  Charlie was in car no. 1 and Travis was in car no. 2.  Both guys were first passengers for a few laps and then were able to change places with the instructor and drive the car them self.   Jeff went after the two of them.  Fun was had by all.  Even, Sam and I enjoyed it. 
I'll post pictures as soon as Travis locates the camera cord...but by the time he finds it I'm sure he'll not know where the camera is.  

Sunday after church we drove up and spent the day in Huntsville with Travis', Dad, Grandma and  Uncle.  We grilled burgers and visited. 

This week Cade finishes swim lessons, goes to gymnastics and then the two of us are heading to the hill country for some fun!  He'll be staying with Maxie and I'm heading up to Grandma's for a little girls trip.  I'm hoping it all works out! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing my Grandma.....and spending time with friends!