Jul 13, 2011

2 sleeps until....

Cade spends the weekend with Maxie! 

He is super excited about it.  Has already said he's packing Lucy and going to have a talk with her about the rules at Noni's house..... I'm pretty sure Lucy already knows the rules and I'm also pretty sure she's staying home with Travis. 

The plan is for Cade and Maxie to spend the weekend in Austin with Nana, Granddad and Travis P.
Stephanie is going to the lake for a girl's weekend and I'm going to meet up with Kristine and a few other friends for a girls weekend in Fredericksburg.  I am really looking forward to it.  Sad to leave Cade behind, but it'll be fun to do touristy things and spend some time with my friends and with my Grandma.

My Travis is working. boo.  BUT he'll get some good sleep and be able to tackle all the fun project he's been wanting to do..... right, honey?

Next week we're going to Blue Bell for the day and then maybe spend an afternoon at the Children's Museum downtown and then a cool down at Discovery Green.  It's going to be a fun weekend/week ahead of us.  I hope my back can hold up.