Apr 27, 2010


We'll see if I can get a full TEN on Tuesday...

1. I am still drinking my GREEN smoothies- usually two a day. I just upgraded in my greens to Kale.

2. I'm starting to do more YOGA. I just had my first one on one with Summer @ Dr Yezak. office. I could actually feel my muscles this morning.

3. I'm up to 50 minutes on the elliptical which is 4 miles for me. I need some good work out music to keep me going.

4. Only 3 more Mondays until school is done for the year!

5. Travis is turning 33 next week! Saturday I'm throwing him a party out at Sam and Charlie's house. I figure that would be the perfect place since the all the toys for the BIG boys are out there! Can't wait!

6. Cade is still potty training. Today Travis put him in underwear and apparently he was dry most of the morning until I got home. Then he had an accident.... boo. I hate to force it but I wish there was just a button to push to make him just go on the potty! So my thought is just let me use the pull ups until he is ready. I've heard that one day it happens...

7. Thursday will our 4th wedding anniversary.

8. Travis and I need a vacation. I want to go to the hill country and just be with him like old times.

9. Why do I hate laundry so much. I guess I don't hate doing it; I hate putting it away. I can finally see my dresser.....

10. Wondering who will be next friend to say she is pregnant! Will it be you? ;)