Feb 21, 2004

I almost forgot to tell everyone my EXCITING news!!!
I got a CHI hair straightner~ now my hair is straight- not frizzy! Shiny not dull! It even looks longer! You can purchase them at beauty salon's everywhere or you can order them off E-Bay. I got mine through Michelle, my new hair stylist. I'm not sure if it was the best deal but it who the heck cares when you've got hair like mine. LOL.

Thanks be to Becky for introducing me to it over the summer and to Travis for convincing me to go get it!

Feb 16, 2004

This weekend Travis and I went on the search for the cutest puppy in the Houston area. We successfully completed the mission on Saturday afternoon. We came home with an 8 week old Chihuahua/Shar Pei puppy. She comes from the Chinese/Mexican border where the breed is often referred to as Chihua Pei or Sharhuahua.

Lucy all settled in her box.

Lucy dressed in one of Travis' socks. Lucy is very fashionable for a such a young pup.

So far things are going great for all of us. We have an appointment with the vet on Monday for a check up and to get her set-up for her next round of shots. I decided to sign her up on pet insurance- which to my surprise is really affordable.

Well it should be a fun weekend. I'm planning on bring Lucy to my parent's house this weekend because Stephanie and Maxie are coming in town on Friday. Saturday is Julie's baby shower and then Kristine and I are getting together on Sunday for a day of shopping. Travis gets back in town on Sunday night from the bachelor party in Tampa. He should have a great weekend there too- I think he said it was in the 80's there.

Happy Friday.