Jan 6, 2010


10. Cade calls his sunglasses- hey babies-- just like his dad
9. Cade is closer to 5 than he is birth-- thanks Travis for bringing that up.
8. Looks like I can start getting my resume. I'm officially looking for a full time teaching job.
7. I'm ready to see just how cold this artic blast is going to be.
6. Travis bought me a bible. Now I can stop whispering to travis that I don't have one every time the Pastor says to open YOUR bible.
5. Yay for Husbands that take off just becasue the weather is going to be REALLY cold tomorrow....we are still hoping the mayor will send home non-essential city employees so we don't have to burn our own time.
4. I want to know why dvd players never last..... argh.
3. Sometimes friends reveal more than you really want to know. TMI is TMI.
2. It's really taking me some time to think of ten things.
1. This morning at our staff meeting during our daily prayer, I looked over at Cade and he was praying with his hands together, head bowed and eyes closed... the sweetest image ever.