Aug 1, 2009

row, row, row your boat

Travis' friend Pete came down from Alaska and stayed with us last night. He is actually on a month long road trip- traveling all over the Western states in his jeep. We decided to dine in and have chicken enchiladas with a frozen margaritas- he claims he has never had one of those. But he also claimed he stopped drinking...... 45 minutes ago. For dessert we served good ol' BlueBell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and cherry cobbler. He pretty much loved it.

Afterwards we were sitting around visiting and I got this GREAT idea to go up to The Woodlands and take the water taxi around Lake Woodlands (I'm guessing that's the name of the body of water around the mall). We loaded up and made our way down to the water. We boarded the boat and took off.... at a snails pace.

While on the "tour" I learned that deepest part of the lake is between 4-5 feet. Which is great information to know in case the boat should ever sink while on it....which I guess would never happen because I'm pretty sure the boat is taller than 5ft. Hmmm. So remember if it tips or sinks just get out of the boat, try not to panic, and simiply stand up.

The tour takes between 35-45 minutes. However, you are able to board on and off at certain points of the tour. We stayed put but next time I want to kill some time I might jump off at one of the many restaurants that over look the waterway. There is also this awesome water/splash pad for the kids just behind the new wine bar Crush. It also has a fountain similar to the one at Bellagio in Vegas where the water dances to music. I think there is a water show every 10 minutes.

Another bit of info the Capitan mentioned to the passengers was that the Anadarko building is the tallest structure between here and Dallas.....uhhh, isn't that pretty much obvious since there aren't any other major cities between here and there... it had a huge WOW factor on the boat.

After our tour we strolled around the waterway and found the water park and let Cade play for a bit. He loved that water jumped from place to place and that it changed colors. He was squealing with excitment!

After that water park we headed home and had our nightly run in with bedtime and then were up bright and early. Pete head out mid morning to Austin. He is supposed to visit the UT tower, the Capitol, Salt Lick, Hey! Cupcake, and Cabella's before heading to his next destination. He should have a great time seeing those sites.... after all it is Austin!

Anyway, it was a fun night. I'm glad we did something we normally wouldn't have done...and look at all of that useful knowledge we learned just by going down the stream.

Jul 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I love the song Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean. It reminds me of the days when Travis and I were dating and spending every other week up at the farm. Now those days are limited to every few months but it nice to remember the days when things were just the two of us.

2. Cade is cutting his two year old molars and giving us (mostly me) a hard time about it. I have the bite marks to prove it and a bruise on my nose from him throwing things. I hope these teeth come in quickly and my sweet boy returns.

3. My neighbor is teaching me how to sew some really cute toddler dresses. She's planning on showing her collection at a craft show in September. She wants me to put my frames in.... hmmm that's a lot of painting but I think I'm going to do

4. Naptime was over way to fast today.

5. My back is doing better. My nerves are better. I still feel a little twinge every now and then but I'm doing much better than I was a week ago. We shall see what the dr says next week. I go for my yearly check up this week and I'm hoping for a good check up there as well.

6. Travis built us a pergola. It looks great and the best part about is that we now have shade on the back porch.

7. 5-8 weeks before the baby boom hits Spring!

8. Cade is living in his VBS shirt. I wash it everyday. He wants to eat. sleep. play in it...everyday. The only thrill he gets from me washing it is throwing it in the washer... which he confuses with the dishwasher. hah.

9. My Grandma said the following while we were at her house last week- The cows coming home mean that it's going to rain..... not because they want food....

10. Is going to plan a night out on the town with my hubby- Perry's sounds good to me.