Dec 4, 2005

Wedding plans are coming along nicely! We finished our wedding blog on Our registry is almost complete as well. We still need to register at Foley's and add towels at Linens and Things. We tried to complete the LNT registery yesterday but the scanner kept freezing up on us!

Today Becky and I are going to look at Bridesmaid dresses. The colors for the wedding are soft and romantic pinks and creams. It shouldn't be too hard to find those colors since spring is just around the corner. Actually spring might be here now- yesterday it was 80 degrees! Ohhh you gotta love that Texas weather.

Nov 20, 2005

We're engaged!

We're planning to be married in April 2006 in the Texas Hill Country. This week Becky and I are going to Fredericksburg to check out a few venues to host the reception at. We are interested in Kairos Celebration Barn, Trois Estates and the Enchanted Chateau.

Saturday was the first time I took the bridal party out to look at dresses. We went to David's Bridal and Panache. I wasn't expecting to find my dress on the first run but I did! I love it and can't wait to wear it! It's...oh, wait I can't tell you because it's a secret! I hate secrets!

Nov 3, 2005

So, I haven't purchased the shoes yet. I am just as disappointed as you. I did look last weekend but the mall was packed with wanna be gangstas. So I'm still surfing the net and sneaking a peek at the feet that pound the gym floor. I've add a pair of pumas to my list of possibilities. There are so many cute color combinations to choose from!

One more day before the weekend is here! I'm thinking about going over to my parent's house and spending some time with my mom. My dad is up in the hill country since deer season is now open. I'll probably head over kind of early on Saturday. I'm wanting to take her to breakfast at Panera Bread and then head to Old Town Springs for an hour or two. We usually hit up Maggies and stroll around that end of town. We avoid the doll shops by all means. Doll shops scare me and a visit to the doll hospital scares me even more!

With that said, I hope to find some cute holiday decorations since Becky and I are hosting a Christmas party Dec. 9th. The following Friday my mom and I are going to the Nutcracker Market at the Reliant Center. The market is amazing. You'll find everything from salsa dip to elaborate holiday decor. We've gone the past 4 years and know the floor plan pretty well! As soon as we make it in the event area, we head straight to the back booth because that's where they have the best things, at reasonable prices!

The one item that I always leave with is a jar of amaretto butter spread. It's made right here in Texas! It's this yummy spread that melts in your mouth when it's warm! You can put it on pancakes, biscuits, toast................a spoon! It's just that good!

Speaking of yummy Texas products! I also love, LoVe, LOVE Fischer Weiser products, especially the Raspberry Chipolte Sauce. You can pour it on top of cream cheese and serve with crackers or use it as a dipping sauce for any kind of meat. There are several flavors to choose from and once you do, ketchup will be a thing of the past.

Also, how yummy does this sound...Hot Chocolate Cake!

Oct 27, 2005

I was surfing the net for new gym shoes today and and found the nike shox aprisa that I'm interested in. I've never owed a pair of black shoes but I thought that they would look nice with my black workout pants- which is very important to me! Of course, I'll be able to tell right away if they are a keeper the minute I put them on! Hopefully they'll be a perfect fit. I'm also considering the nike shox go because I love the color red. Tonight I saw a girl at the gym wearing them...I was so jealous!

Something cool on is that you can get a mini workout while you surf their site. You can break a sweat while doing a warm-up or whittle your waist away with a salsa dancing lessons. The instructor goes step by step and then puts it all together and even throws in a cha-cha-CHA.

Oct 23, 2005

These have to be the prettiest matches ever....I love the white box with red dots- it's just my style.

Today I was reading in a magazine about different ways to save money. One way was to clip coupons....imagine that. I'm always a big fan of getting the Sunday paper and scanning the ads for coupons! It's always a good feeling to look at the reciept and see that you actually saved money- even if it's only a couple of bucks. It all adds up in the end. The magazine mentioned a sight called, The site finds the "rock bottom" prices on hundreds of products each week and matches them up with manufacturers' coupons for the best possible savings at your local supermarket. How cool is that?! There is a $10 fee every 8 weeks if after your trial period you continue to use the service. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Oct 3, 2005

new music to check out-Lori McKenna.

Sep 28, 2005

Cupcake anyone?

I just finished baking a dozen and half Strawberry Cupcakes. They turned out so prefect! I served one cupcake on a piece of antique china and dusted it with powered sugar, muy magnificent! There couldn't be anything better than whipped cream and fresh fruit piled between a layer of super moist cupcake!

The recipe is super easy to follow and would be a great date night dessert to make with the one you love! And if you choose to do it alone, you will surely earn a smile or two once the dessert is served!

bon appetite!

Sep 6, 2005

I never thought that another ice cream could possibly top Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream. I'm a huge fan of cookies and cream! I love the creamy texture and hard cookie combination. But the other day on the way to the hair salon we drove past a Ben and Jerry's and I made the comment that I have only had their Ice Cream once in my entire life but that I couldn't remember what kind it was. Well the day went on and I forgot about the ice cream. The next night we met my parents for dinner and on the way there, the Ben and Jerry's sponser car drove beside us. I knew this was a sign from God telling me to venture out into the frozen food section and pick up a carton of Ben and Jerry's. So tonight after my Pilates class I did just that! I know, I know it does defeat the purpose of working out if you're going to splurg on sugary snacks but one bite of Cherry Garcia will knock your socks off. Imagine cherries with chocolate chunks! Pure yummy goodness.

So moooove over Cookies 'n Cream and welcome Cherry Garcia!

Aug 20, 2005

Never again will you have to have a boring USB memory stick. Now you can get a USB drive in a variety of styles. Check them out here! I really like the camo-rubber ducky.

Jun 20, 2005

How ridiculous is this: SPRAY ON MUD.

It's true- now you can actually buy something to make your car/truck appear dirty.

Jun 16, 2005

For the last few months my interest have gone from scrapbooking to card making but since summer is here I have decided to pull out my paper, scissors and glue and get back into the game. And to help me along they way I turned to the internet for some inspiration. After searching what seemed like an eternity I came across a page dedicated completely to scrapbooking! Kinderdcreations has all kinds of ideas, from page lay-outs to tips and tricks of getting your page just the way you want it! It has given me the inspiration I needed to get back into cropping!

The latest trend in scrapbooking is the use of ribbon, rubber stamps and layering (to the extreme). All of that means thinking outside of the box- which I'm pretty used to but when it comes to cropping I tend to freeze up and not be a risk taker. With help from this site and from the members online I'm hoping they can inspire me to take my scrapbooking to the next level because I'm ready, I just need a little push.

Creative Juices now being served online @:


Jun 10, 2005

Find what fits

This has to be the coolest idea ever! This morning I was looking online for a new pair of jeans. There are so many styles out there to choose from and it often becomes more of a frustration than anything when trying to find the perfect ones. During my search, I came across Intellifit which is a device that scans your body to see what size clothing you wear per designer. Think of all the hours you've spent in the dressing room trying on outfit after outfit. In as little as ten seconds the scanner measures your body and a computer print-out will lead you into the right direction of what will fit and flatter your figure. How smart is that...

Where to find the Intellifit.

Happy shopping!

May 30, 2005

Summer is officially here! I'm heading to Fredericksburg, tomorrow morning to spend a few days in the Hill Country. I'm really looking forward to spending time with Maxie and GiGi since I haven't seen them since Christmas! Lucky for me, Stephanie and Maxie came down this past weekend and I was able to spend a little time with them. Saturday night we all went over to The Watts' house for Jake's Graduation party. Then on Sunday, my Dad fired up the BBQ pit and made ribs and chicken for dinner. Right now I am at Travis' house, uploading songs on to my new iPOD shuffle. So far I have about 15 songs out of a possible 120 uploaded. This afternoon I'm picking Maxie up from my parents house and taking her to my apartment for the evening. We'll be watching movies, painting our toes and having dinner at a fancy restaurant like Chick-Fil-A. Then tomorrow, the three of us (me, maxie and the dog) will head to GiGi's house for some real fun.

May 12, 2005

Two Things

one: If you are bored at work (which I know never happens) go to and click on radio player and select a megamix to listen to. It will definitely make your day better! My personal favorites are Napolean Dynamite and Britney Spears with Linkin Park. It's super sweet.

two: I was offered a job in Magnolia teaching Kindergarten!

May 11, 2005

The wait is finally over! Faith Hill's newest song in over two years was released yesterday! Her new single "Mississippi Girl," can be heard here.

Another one bites the dust- Kenny Chesney and Rene Zellweger were married this past Monday. I'm impressed that they kept their relationship under the radar as long as they did. There aren't too many pictures of the two exchanging vows but from the ones I have seen, I like the barefoot Kenny Chesney look! If I decided to get married on an island far from here, my groom should take note of this opinion.

I called in sick (cough, cough) today because I have interviews scheduled with two school districts. I'm interviewing with Klein this morning and then in Magnolia this afternoon. Hopefully something will come from this!

Apr 22, 2005

Yankee or Dixie?

Take the quiz to find out!

My score: 74% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score.
Heck yeah it is.

Apr 21, 2005

Only 5 weeks left of school! Just typing that makes my feet tingle!

That means it's time to organize the cabinets and the files. I actually started doing a little tidying up this week. My kids can't believe how much stuff can fit into one file cabinet drawer. I need to figure out how I'm going to transfer everything from school to home. It's going to take a few trips I'm sure but everything must go! This is my last year in Fort Bend. I have mixed feelings about leaving because I love my team so much but it's for the best and I'm looking forward to a little change.

So far I haven't had much luck in the job hunting department. I've applied in Klein, Conroe and Magnolia. I haven't heard a thing from anyone but it's still pretty early in the game. I just hope I find something because it is pretty stressful to not know where I'm going to be.

Travis is pretty positive about it which helps me a lot. I need to believe that I'll find something and that everything will work out in the end. Keep your hopes up!

----last night----

I met Susan up at Gringo's for dinner. We caught up with each other and decided Laura should be apart of the fun! She showed up just as we were leaving so we went back in for another drink. She is always so much fun and her laughter is contagious...that's what I like about her. We talked for a little bit then we decided to head our seperate ways. The drive home was fine. I love where I live- easy access to the beltway!

Happy Friday....

Apr 5, 2005

Travis and I have rented several movies lately, which is surprising to us both. We have probably only watched a handful of movies together- and have yet to actually go to the theater.

We rented 3 movies last Friday night: Ladder 49, Hero and Lucky 13. What? You've heard of the first two but not the last? Lucky 13 is about man (a no talent actor-Zach Baker) who revisits previous significant girlfriends in his life in order to win over the girl of his dreams- Gillmore Girl, Lauren Graham. This film would be great if the writer had written exactly the same thing but different. I fast forwarded through 70/95 minutes just to have a sense of closure. It was just that bad. It almost makes you feel dumber by watching the movie than by not watching it.

In the words of Napolean Dynmite, "This is pretty much the worst video ever made."

Mar 25, 2005

Q: What's the correct way to eat a Peep?

Is it to first bite the head off, then the butt, then stuff the middle in your mouth?

A: There's not really a correct way, but there is a preferred way.

According 1998 surveys by MSI International and International Communications Research (ICR), 60 percent of consumers eat Peeps head first. And if that's not grizzly enough, 40 percent stretch the neck out before the fatal chomp. No statistics on butt and belly biting, but 10 percent admit, actually admit, they stuff more than one whole Peep in their mouth at once.

Personally I like to eat half of a peep and then stuff the rest in Travis' mouth.

Click here to read more about PEEPs.

Mar 19, 2005

Have you ever started typing and then looked up and realized that you really haven't typed a darn thing. That just happend to me. So now I'm wondering where have all those letters gone, if they are not on my screen....

This morning Travis and I watched the movie, The Incredibles (or los increbiles). It was pretty funny!! Definitely worth seeing. I went ahead and bought a copy to add to my personal dvd collection, which is now up to 13.

After the movie we ran out to office depot where Travis bought a super comfy office chair. It spins, tilts, and just feels good.

--time to make cookies--

Mar 18, 2005 offers free listening parties on all genres of music. You can listen to any full length album or song for free. And if you really like a song you have the option of purchasing it for just .99 cents. Super cool.

You just have to have realplayer on your computer to be in business.

happy listening.

Mar 9, 2005

I have been told to update my blog by a particular someone who lives where the current temperature is 10 with a wind-chill of -9! Hmmm..Who could it be?

Well my plans to go to Austin were called off but that's alright because I've been able to take care of few things that needed to get done. I submitted my application to KLEIN ISD yesterday and have been working on updating my resume and cover letter all week! The Great Becky, Kristine and Travis have all helped me out tremendously on critiquing and editing my things!

This week I started going to 24 hour fitness and have introduced fish into my diet! Last night I cooked up salmon with a simple squeeze of lemon and a dash of salt & pepper. I also made this wonderful salad with basil pesto dressing-simply fabulous.

This morning I gave Lucy a well deserved bath. I think she secretly enjoys them because as soon as she is out of the tub, she does huge circles in my living room. It's a wonder how my carpet isn't torn to shreds...

The rest of my day will consist of going to the gym for a nice leg work out. Nothing too exciting. I was hoping to go to rodeo tonight but it doens't look like I'll be going. I know most of my readers on here don't listen to country music but there is something about Kenny Chesney's music that I love. Maybe it's how when he sings I can picture parts of my life in some of his lyrics. Especailly in the song- Be as You Are. I wanna go where I can lighten up the load-Drive a little while on the wrong side of the road-Get this laying low off to a flying start
I'm sure all of us have a particular artist or group that can take us places- just like Kenny does for me.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to start addressing lables and stuffing envelopes this evening. It'll be great to get them off in the mail this week. This is going to be a great experience- hopefully I'll find a job quickly!

Thanks for all your help Becky, Kris and Travis!

Mar 5, 2005

Spring Break

I'm officially on Spring Break! And to start it off right I met Susan at Papasitto's for Happy Hour! They have free appetizers just for teachers when you purchase one drink! Melisa, Kathy and Jenny came along too- It was great time!

Travis came over and we went out to a new resturant called Cantina Laredo for dinner! The atmosphere was great- dimmed lighting, spanish musicians playing, and the menu had so many dishes to choose from. We started with a super-sized margarita and chips and salsa and chose an appetizer to share. It was a nice evening!

Travis and I are planning to head to Conroe at some point today. No big plans there but to help him study for his exam on Monday. I'll be getting my haircut this afternoon at the Woodlands mall! I'm not sure what I'll go for but something needs to be done! Monday-Wednesday I'll be in Austin visiting with Stephanie and Maxie. We are planning on going to Salado for a little antique shopping. Wednesday night is the Kenny Chesney concert...I hope I'll be able to go! On Friday, Travis and I are babysitting Preston for the first time!

And there you have update.

Feb 20, 2005

Today I met Susan at Memorial City Mall. We wandered around looking for nothing in particular. We ended up going to all the "usual" stores. Our last stop was to the accessory department in Foley's. I have been trying to find a pair of sunglasses that look good on me for nearly a year. I have tried on at least 50 pair and have never found the perfect ones. Today I realized that I'm not alone, Susan shares the same frustration.

We both tried on several styles: large frames, small frames, narrow frames, frames with sparkles, heart-shaped frames, wire frames, larger than your face frames- but nothing suited us. Although, come to think of it, the heart shaped, rhinestone studded frames did wonders for Susan...or not.

Since we didn't have any luck with the sunglasses, we went over to the COACH section and found something that fits just right.

Oh, and by the way I found this site to find the perfect frames for your face! Maybe my luck will change- at least I can hope.

Feb 15, 2005

You are LaFawnduh. Why are you so sweaty?
Heck yeah I do.

always and forever...

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Jan 28, 2005

as seen on tv

How many of you are tired of the high cost of cleaning products? Well say goodbye to harsh smelling, high dollar bottles of man-made chemical compounds and check out The SHARK Portable Steam Cleaner. Blast with steam and wipe it clean. Instant steam, ready in 30 seconds. Great for quick clean ups in the kitchen, bathroom and all around the home. Cleaning the way nature intended.

The SHARK Portable Steam Cleaner would make the perfect gift for the non-cleaner. Simply plug-in and wait for the ready light. Pull the trigger and clean, clean, clean. The SHARK blasts away waterspots, soapscum and grime from countertops. The powerful SHARK even steams out wrinkles! amazing! There are endless cleaning opportunities to be had with this steam cleaner.

Warning: This product may cause compulsive cleaning.

This message has been brought to you by- Tara and Travis.

Jan 19, 2005

I am just about done unpacking my stuff from the big move. I love my new place! It's huge! I especially like the fact that it has wood flooring,crown molding and a ginormous bathroom! I told Travis that if you have to pay rent, you might as well put it towards something nice. Riiiiight?!

On Monday, I interviewed at the Ronald McDonald House to become a weekly volunteer. The RMH is a home away from home for families of children being treated for serious illnesses. Most of the volunteers at RMH are assigned to a floor/room and are expected to maintain it and also to accommodate the guests staying there. The person who I spoke to said that at Texas Children's Hospital there is much more one on one interaction. I think that's more up my alley. I'd like to do it once a week to keep me busy since Travis will be starting the Academy later this month. I'm also looking into taking a Leisure Learning class on how to sew. I bought a Singer Sewing machine a few weeks ago and last night we finally took it out of the box. We followed the directions on how to wind the bobbin and thread the needle BUT no sewing took place. The dang bobbin is getting hung up on something and causing great distress. A class is indeed a must!

Earlier this week I went to Whole Foods which is conveniently located right around the corner from my apartment. One step in the door and they have you wondering what on earth is that delicious smell?! It smells so YUMMY in there! I wasn't looking for anything in particular but there before me, pleasantly displayed, with labels facing outward is where I spotted the COOLEST water bottle ever! The bottle comes in two sizes, both are made of glass with the letters VOSS etched on the side. I told Travis all about them and he agreed that they did sound pretty cool! ;) So cool that he went to Whole Foods today and bought 2 bottles. One for himself and the other as a surprise for me. I immediately opened it and took a sip... ahhhhh. You'll have to see for yourself.

Jan 10, 2005

I'm sure the girls in BOSTON will appreciate this! I was reading Glamour magazine and found an ad for the site Check out the winter hat that you can wear even when your hair is pulled back into a ponytail. The hats are made of lambswool with Swarovski crystal buttons in back that open and close depending on the height of your pony tail! For only $78 you can wear a winter hat and have your hair pulled back into a just can't get any better than that!

Let the countdown begin! I will be moving in one week! I've already started cleaning out my closet and a few of my keepsake boxes that needed to be cleaned out. Who needs torn up envelopes anyway? I figure if I haven't looked at in a year, I'm probably never going to look at it again. I can't decide if I want to pack things up right now or if I just want to take my time moving things over? It would make more sense just to get it done all at once... so maybe I'll start that fun project later today.

About my weekend...

On Friday night I drove up to Buffalo to spend the weekend with Travis. He had prepared a lovely steak dinner- complete with potatoes and wine. And he made delicious cookies! My baby is the best! After dinner we lit the chimenea and did a bit of star gazing! The stars go on for miles up there. It's amazing! On Saturday we woke up early and went on a nice morning walk. Lucy came with us and ran the whole time. I don't know how she has so much energy!

Later that day we drove into Palestine to go to Wal-mart. While Travis strolled the down the tractor parts aisle, I headed to the crafts department. I decided I wanted to try my hand at crochetting. I haven't exactly got the technique down but at least I've got the first step down- making a chain! We also bought a 500 piece puzzle that looked like a painting. As an added bonus the puzzle came with a frame (the border), glue and wall hooks. BONUS!

Travis' dad and uncle came up on Sunday morning to work on the fence. So the 3 of them worked on that for most of the day. It'll probably take another weekend or two to finish up... but I don't think anyone will mind the trip back.

Here is another up and coming artist to check out! I personally recommend- No End In Sight