Oct 12, 2010

A No Title Kind of Post

I can't believe it's October?! In two months we will have a house full of Christmas decorations!  That part I'm excited about but seriously, where does the time go?

Trick or Treat is just around the corner.  Cade wants to be a scarecrowspidermanpirate.  I'm about to dress him in all 3 if he doesn't decide!  I'm not sure where the spider man came from...since we... or I am anti-super hero.  I dread the day of little Lego men and star wars figurines that will one day take over my floors.  So, I'm leaning towards the pirate this year. 

This past month I started a running program called Couch to 5k.  I was doing really well with running every other day until last week when I rubbed a huge blister on my heel and then happened to get shin splints in both legs.  They are finally feeling better and my blister is almost healed completely. I'm looking forward to Thursday when I can get to Luke's Locker to get fitted for new running shoes.  Apparently they do a whole work up on your foot and find the best shoe for your foot.  So no more picking out a pair of shoes because they are pretty.   I can't wait to get them on my feet and get back on the track/concrete (ugh).

Cade is doing great these days.  He loves his teachers at school!  He especially loves that he gets to have a "job" in the class room.  This week he is the line leader. I asked him where he lead the line and he said to door and out to the playground. He then told me that next he wants to be the counter....  ohh to be 3 again!

Here are 3 things that Cade has said recently that is either cute/funny or both.

1.  Mama, God made him and told his mama to name him Jack (said about a friend at school).
2.  You have stairs. We don't. You have two couches. We don't. We should switch keys.  (telling my mom about how our houses are different...apparently stairs are WAY cool to have).
3.  When is the school going to bring the friendly lions to the petting zoo?