Jul 18, 2010

5, 4, 3, 2, 1....we're on vacation

Yay! Today is finally here! We're off to the hill country today! Our bags are packed.  Our snacks are ready and cold drinks are on hand.  Traveling isn't so much an ordeal anymore.. although Cade did want me to pack his things in a pink bag because Nana and Maxie have pink ones.  I told him in this house- the bags are red!

Yesterday I found a great swimsuit, super cute sundress and super soft pajamas.  I havent' bought new pajamas in forever.   It's one of those things I need to do more often.  Just like getting new make-up.  Just to feel more girly.... that was my goal!  I feel like always wear the same thing to do everything and to go everywhere. Now I have a few more options and will feel more put together--- and that makes me happy!

Well. We will post pictures of our adventure when we return Thursday. We're off to have some fun!!