Oct 13, 2009

Happy Cupcake Day to you

Today was one of those days where nap time wasn't going to happen, which is fine and I almost prefer it that way...although I do like that extra "me" time when Cade does decide to nap. BUT like I said, today wasn't a nap time kind of day. So I got to thinking what would be fun for Cade and I on this no nap time kind of day. ...hmmm. Only one thing popped into my head....CUPCAKES.

I got online and did a search for cupcakes. Of course, Martha Stewart's site pops up. I narrowed down the search and found "the one"--Billy's Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes. I checked the ingredients, made a list of what we needed and we were off to get the goods.

When we got home I measured everything out so that when my little helper came around he would be able to pour and stir with ease. Since this was going to be a semi-messy job an apron was going to be an necessity....besides I was wearing a black shirt and we all know how flour and black shirts don't mix. Here is a picture of my cutie in an apron! (Note to self- by Cade a boy-ish apron for Christmas).
Cade loves helping in the kitchen. Reminds me of when I would "help" my Dad on Sunday mornings with pancakes or biscuits....he would always wear a towel over his shoulder when he was in the kitchen..I always thought that was pretty handy. I also remember helping my Grandma make chocolate chip cookies. She had this really colorful mixing bowl that she would use every time........ hopefully Cade will one day remember the times he helped me or Travis in the kitchen....

Here's my little helper. He lines with precision.

The cupcakes turned out light and moist. The homemade frosting was so easy and so delicious. These cupcakes are a must have for fall!

And since you homemade cupcakes aren't an everyday thing in the house....we put a candle on it and made up some silly song...it was a hit with Cade.