Apr 5, 2005

Travis and I have rented several movies lately, which is surprising to us both. We have probably only watched a handful of movies together- and have yet to actually go to the theater.

We rented 3 movies last Friday night: Ladder 49, Hero and Lucky 13. What? You've heard of the first two but not the last? Lucky 13 is about man (a no talent actor-Zach Baker) who revisits previous significant girlfriends in his life in order to win over the girl of his dreams- Gillmore Girl, Lauren Graham. This film would be great if the writer had written exactly the same thing but different. I fast forwarded through 70/95 minutes just to have a sense of closure. It was just that bad. It almost makes you feel dumber by watching the movie than by not watching it.

In the words of Napolean Dynmite, "This is pretty much the worst video ever made."