Sep 6, 2010

It was THIS big

This weekend we went to the farm and took Cade fishing for the first time.  It was so cute watching Travis and Cade put bait on the hook and cast out the line.  We were pretty sure we were fishing on the wrong side of the pond since it seemed like we barely got any bites from where we were at.  Until.... I decided to hold Cade's rod while he wondered around the pond.  I had a feeling that something BIG was nibbling on my poor little worm.... and I was right! With a flick of the rod and a turn of the crank I had myself a BIG ol' perch on my line.   He was a BIG as my hand. 

And since no fisherman's tale is good with out a little exaggerating here is what really happened when I noticed that I was getting a bite on my line....So I'm standing on the soft mud (or what I'm hoping was mud) watching the bobber go a little this way and a little that way...and I mention to my family..."uhhh, I think I'm getting a bite."  All of a sudden it goes down and I crank it once and then yanked the rod so hard that fish came flying out of the pond, detaching from the hook and landing just inches away from my shoes.... I yelled like a girl (of course)!  My father in-law came to the rescue and picked up the fish and showed Cade and then tossed him back into the pond.  That was the funniest moment..... I loved it!  Can't wait to go fishing again!

I was the only one who caught one....and on a child's pole nonetheless.

I will post pictures when I get my camera back.... I left it at the farm.  argh!