Mar 1, 2010

Yes, I still blog.

TEN on TUESDAY....or almost Tuesday.

1.Cade is 3. Although I have no pictures to show of it. He is 3 and we had a fabulous party to celebrate his BIG day.

2,Our Dell laptop is busted again. I will never buy a Dell again. We have only had for a little over two years and we have already sent it in twice, only to have it break down again.

3. The quilt I have been working on is coming together. I have the borders left to sew and then probably some sewing to do by hand. I should be done by spring break. I'm making this quilt for my grandma. I don't think I've ever been so excited about giving something to someone....

4. This week we're going to see Kenny Chesney at the rodeo! Should be a great show!

5. I start volunteering this weekend at our church- Northside Christian Church. I just love our church!

6. I made the best bruch the other day for my mother in law. She works so much during the week that she never quite gets the chance to come down during the I offered to make brunch so that she could come down to see Cade. I made Mixed Berry Galette- it was so yummy! You'll want to make two doughs when you make this dish! I also made a sausage, egg and cheese dish a recipe from a friend at school. The table was set with our "good" silverware and I even served our OJ in ourWaterford pitcher.... and she noticed! Can't wait to make the Galette for my parents-- they were both out of town this weekend and missed out. =(

7. A certain person in my life has been a little nicer lately and that makes my day a little better.

8. Loved that I got to spend Saturday on the couch with my husband. We watched Benjamin Button, which was really good. Cade took at trip to Conroe with Julia.

9. Say a little prayer for a precious, little toddler named Layla Grace. Go to for more information.

10. Chacos Tacos with hubby in just a few.