Dec 24, 2011

bye, bye dillon

I'm actually sad to see Dillon, our Elf, go back in the box.

Each morning Cade has had so much fun finding the Elf.  It is pretty magical.

Today Cade found Dillon sitting on his gingerbread house with a note. 

Where do gingerbread men sleep?
Under cookie sheets!

PS.  I did a funny.

Love, Dillon

So Cade and Travis looked around and found that Dillon had taken all of Cade's underware and thrown them on our Christams tree.  He left a note on the doodle board that said, "ha! ha!  Underware Tree!"

Anyone with a little boy would know that the word "underware" holds special meaning.  You can say underware after the word sandwich and find yourself laughing so hard that you get a tummy ache.  Or you could chant "bazooka, zooka, zooka underware."  Which is what we hear almost on a daily basis.  

Today we're off to Memaw's house for a quick trip, then to Juila's and then to my parents house for dinner and Christmas Eve fun! We went to church last night so we could spend today doing holiday travels and have family time together!   Can't wait for tonight!!

Merry Christmas!