Sep 1, 2012


We survived our first week in Kindergarten!

A quote from this week:

Travis asked Cade what's his favorite part about school?  "seeing my Mama (in carline)"

Great answer, right?!

I was a little teary eyed when we arrived at the school on Monday.  I pulled myself together and put a smile on my face and walked him in (with Travis).  We went in and found his seat and gave him more than 20 kisses and left.  I was fine when we left and I was fine after my boo-hoo breakfast with Amanda and Andrea.   It wasn't until after breakfast, when I was driving to ELP that I found myself upset that he wasn't with me (I'm pretty sure a sad song on the radio triggered these tears).   Where has time gone? 

5 years. 


Everyday we tell Cade... remember when you were little?

First Day

                        This is my "it'll be alright and if you miss me" gift from Cade.