Jan 28, 2005

as seen on tv

How many of you are tired of the high cost of cleaning products? Well say goodbye to harsh smelling, high dollar bottles of man-made chemical compounds and check out The SHARK Portable Steam Cleaner. Blast with steam and wipe it clean. Instant steam, ready in 30 seconds. Great for quick clean ups in the kitchen, bathroom and all around the home. Cleaning the way nature intended.

The SHARK Portable Steam Cleaner would make the perfect gift for the non-cleaner. Simply plug-in and wait for the ready light. Pull the trigger and clean, clean, clean. The SHARK blasts away waterspots, soapscum and grime from countertops. The powerful SHARK even steams out wrinkles! amazing! There are endless cleaning opportunities to be had with this steam cleaner.

Warning: This product may cause compulsive cleaning.

This message has been brought to you by- Tara and Travis.