Jan 2, 2004

Have you ever seen 1050 Christmas trees set on fire?
I have. Apparently it's really big out in Grangerland, TX.
On New Year's Eve in the middle of an open pasture stood a 30 foot tall pile of Christmas trees.

Where on Earth do you find 1050 trees?
Anywhere and everywhere.

This tradition was started ten years ago by "bunch of bored idiots" with nothing to do on New Year's Eve. The idiots who started the tradition were: Travis, Donny, Chad, Robert, and Charlie aka "The Original Five" not be confused with the "Fab 5." Since the beginning the piles have grown in size every year. The original pile consisted of only 14 trees. Each year the guys would go around in their big ol' trucks and collect Christmas trees that were tossed out on neighborhood drives. Every tree collected was tossed into a pile and then set fire to using mops doused in Diesel fuel. It only takes a few minutes before the whole pile is up in flames and even less time before pants are down around ankles.

What were The Original Five doing? Mooning the fire of course!

Next year's pile will probably be even bigger but you'd expect that because everything is bigger in Texas.

Dec 30, 2003

Let the countdown begin.

Now is the time to get creative with your New Year's Resolutions. Will it be to get in shape? Drink more water? Make more time for yourself? Whatever it may be how can you be certain to accomplish your goals?

Well you're in luck I have searched the web and found few goal setting tips to help you get started!

Don't Try Everything at Once! There's a temptation, with the New Year, to run off a list of everything we've ever wanted to change. Don't fall for it! You'll have better luck fulfilling one or two goals than you will with a list of fifty. You can always add new resolutions to your list later. Take one thing at a time.

Word it Carefully. Let's say your resolution is to relax more in the coming year. Word this carefully. Try not to think of it as "This year I am going to relax." That's a stress-inducer waiting to happen. It forces you into thinking of the resolution as something you must do, not something you want to do. Try to make it sound a little gentler: "This year I'm going to explore different ways of relaxing." It also suggests more of a plan you'll fulfill the resolution by experimenting with relaxation techniques. The first resolution sounds as if you're going to force yourself to relax by sheer willpower.

Make a Plan. Once you know what your resolution is, try to break it down. Nobody accomplishes anything of significance by trying to do it all at once. This doesn't have to be a complicated plan; just brainstorm enough to give you a place to start.

Write it Down. Write down your resolution and your plan of action. Stick it up on the fridge, in your locker, wherever you know you'll see it. That way you'll have a constant reminder of the resolution. You may want to change the wording as time passes and your goal changes.

Good luck with your goals and remember to keep it simple, have a plan, write it down and view your goal daily.

Dec 29, 2003

My name is Tara and I am a very nice person. I am pretty and smart and funny and intellegent. I like to be mean to my friends by talking about alligators and crocodiles while they are still REALLY sleepy. Then I pretend that I'm an alligator and I bite them with my mouth and pinch their hinny's with my "crocodile" hand. That is all. Goodbye.

Travis took it upon himself to BLOG for me.

He speaks no truth- except the part about me being sweet, pretty and funny.

But just for kicks here are some facts about The American Alligator:

Size: Adults range in size from 6ft for females to 14ft for males. Alligators weigh about 600lbs. How big and fast an alligator grows depends on the temperature and the food availible to them.

Diet: Small alligators eat insects, fish, turtles, snakes, mammals and those who fear them.

Alligator Safety: Alligators have attacked humans, but most attacks happen when they have been fed by humans or when they are protecting their nests.

Bottom Line: Do not feed the animals. Do not swim in merky water- especially when you see two eyes and nostrils exposed above the water.

be safe.