Jan 2, 2004

Have you ever seen 1050 Christmas trees set on fire?
I have. Apparently it's really big out in Grangerland, TX.
On New Year's Eve in the middle of an open pasture stood a 30 foot tall pile of Christmas trees.

Where on Earth do you find 1050 trees?
Anywhere and everywhere.

This tradition was started ten years ago by "bunch of bored idiots" with nothing to do on New Year's Eve. The idiots who started the tradition were: Travis, Donny, Chad, Robert, and Charlie aka "The Original Five" not be confused with the "Fab 5." Since the beginning the piles have grown in size every year. The original pile consisted of only 14 trees. Each year the guys would go around in their big ol' trucks and collect Christmas trees that were tossed out on neighborhood drives. Every tree collected was tossed into a pile and then set fire to using mops doused in Diesel fuel. It only takes a few minutes before the whole pile is up in flames and even less time before pants are down around ankles.

What were The Original Five doing? Mooning the fire of course!

Next year's pile will probably be even bigger but you'd expect that because everything is bigger in Texas.