Dec 29, 2003

My name is Tara and I am a very nice person. I am pretty and smart and funny and intellegent. I like to be mean to my friends by talking about alligators and crocodiles while they are still REALLY sleepy. Then I pretend that I'm an alligator and I bite them with my mouth and pinch their hinny's with my "crocodile" hand. That is all. Goodbye.

Travis took it upon himself to BLOG for me.

He speaks no truth- except the part about me being sweet, pretty and funny.

But just for kicks here are some facts about The American Alligator:

Size: Adults range in size from 6ft for females to 14ft for males. Alligators weigh about 600lbs. How big and fast an alligator grows depends on the temperature and the food availible to them.

Diet: Small alligators eat insects, fish, turtles, snakes, mammals and those who fear them.

Alligator Safety: Alligators have attacked humans, but most attacks happen when they have been fed by humans or when they are protecting their nests.

Bottom Line: Do not feed the animals. Do not swim in merky water- especially when you see two eyes and nostrils exposed above the water.

be safe.