Apr 20, 2009

Easter 'n stuff

my little bunny boy

bunny napkin fold

meee loove cookie monster

Paula Dean's cheesecake cupcakes- yum!
all hunted out.

So those were a few pictures from Easter.....we are way behind on posting on blogger.
And here is my top 10 for the week.
1. Travis and I bought a new bicycle with a seat & helmet for Cade. He loves it! We go twice a day.... the fresh air knocks him out!
2. Cade can officially hop/jump with both feet off the ground.
3. Cade can count to 20.....but he does say 17,18,17, 18, 19, 20.....but he eventually gets to 20.
4. On Wednesday, April 29, Travis and I will have been married for 3 years.
5. We just ordered our tickets to see America's Got Talent in Houston on May 13th- thanks for the tip Becky.
6. My thoughts are with my grandma at this time.... her house was flooded out by a pipe under her bathroom sink.
7. Cade had his first trip to the ER this week (bad fall at the mall playground- he is fine after a day of wearing a splint on his foot).
8. Only 3 weeks of school left. Or 9 teaching days.
9. I am really excited about Susan having twin boys!
10. Can't wait for Sunday brunch with good friends.