Jul 18, 2011

road trip

Cade and I made it back from our little hill country road trip.   He seemed to have had a lot of fun with his cousin, Maxie and his grandparents.  So much fun that every time we called to check on him he wouldn't talk to me... or Travis.  Finally, on Sunday I got a little update from him, which I was really happy to get.

Kristine and Brandi picked me up just after noon on Friday and we made it up to Fredericksburg around 5:30. I was dropped off at Grandma's house and they headed to their hotel to freshen up for dinner.  I got settled in at Grandma's and decided to pull out my quilt I have been working on for Cade.  I told her awhile back that I needed help hand sewing the binding (the edge of the quilt). She was so much help that we nearly finished it by the end of the weekend.  I got "flagged" on some of my sewing (on the top), so I'll have to rip the seams, try sewing it again and then sew the binding.  I'm so happy she helped with it though.  She seemed to enjoy doing it, too.  I made sure to tell her not to do too much or feel like she has to do it.... I'm so glad that she did.  Now it's has Gigi's love quilted into it too.

That first night we met up at 7 for dinner at Bejas and then a glass of wine/beer at Lincoln St. wine bar.  It was such a nice evening we sat on the patio and listened to a one man band.  He mostly sang classic country songs... don williams, ray price, hank williams, johnny cash... etc.  Turns out he lives a few doors down from my Grandma. 

The next morning I took Grandma to Wal Mart to get a few things and then we worked a bit more on the quilt. Her at one end and me at the other.  I asked her if she used to watch her mom sew and she said yes, and that she just kind of had to learn to do it. 

That afternoon I met the girls for lunch at Pasta Bellas and then we headed out to the wineries.   We rode out to Pedernales Cellars where we got to see the fermentation of the grapes they had just picked the day before- kind of smelly but really neat!  The wine was pretty good.  I enjoyed the whites.  The next stop was to Torre Di Pietra where we had another tasting.  Afterwards we went outside to listen to the live music and walk around the vineyard.  While we were taking pictures a man came up and offered to give us a tour.  He lets us sample the grapes that they are about to harvest this coming week. These grapes are bursting with flavor... the whites were my favorite.  I was sneaky and saved my seeds.... I know 2 people who love to grow things (travis and my dad). 
After being in the hot sun we went back to town and freshened up and then had dinner at Hondo's.  I had the guilt free (only because it's girls weekend) Hondo's cheeseburger.  It was so good!  They had live music as well which we enjoyed for a few minutes on our way out the door.  I was back home by 9.  Grandma had sliced up some Texas sheetcake for us to have for dessert and then we both headed to bed after that yummy treat!

Sunday I managed to sleep in until 8, Grandma made pancakes for me- what a treat! After breakfast we got dressed and went down Main Street together.  I took her to James Avery to get her jewelry cleaned and then we went to Journey Lane scrapbooking and then a few other stores.... we had lunch and then headed home for a bit before it was time to go. 

Kris and Brandi picked me up around 1. We stopped for gas and made our way to Austin.  We stopped at The Salt Lick and surprisingly the guy from Hondo's was singing at Salt Lick.... it was like we were groupies!  K & B loved Salt Lick.  I had already eaten so I had a little bowl of peach cobbler.  yummmmm!  We were back on the road by 3:30 and then home around 6. 

We had a great weekend. I know next time we'll do more stuff together but I am so glad I had that time to spend with Grandma.  I am already thinking about making a mid-week trip in the next week or two.  She just needs some company right now.....  I know Cade would love to back too!