Jan 16, 2009

Snow Fun

At school this week they had a snow day. Cade had "snow" much fun sliding and playing in the snow.

Mrs. Fran and Cade

Even I went down the slide.... so fun!

Cade is really talking a lot these days. He's singing songs and counting to 10...and sometimes higher. He is constantly doing something to amaze us!

We're planning his 2nd birthday party for the 21st of February. I think we are going with a truck theme....however when I asked him if he wanted a choo-choo or a truck party he replied- choo-choo truck.

Should be cute and fun no matter what!

Travis is heading to Buffalo this morning to help his dad build a rail on the back porch. Cade and I are staying home with big plans of cleaning out the closets. We have so much stuff that just sits and takes up space and it's driving me crazy. Our fun will start after we have our playdate at Pump it Up this morning..... hopefully Cade will enjoy that.